A workshop held from March 29-April 5, 2009
at McGill University's Bellairs Institute
in Holetown, Barbados.


A small group of researchers discusses new directions and open problems in the area of probabilistic methods in combinatorics and graph theory. Topics this year include random trees, probability on trees, and random walks on trees.


The meeting is organized by Louigi Addario-Berry (University of Montreal). His research group is CARP (CARP stands for Combinatorics, Algorithms, Randomization and Probability).



  • From the University of Montreal: Louigi Addario-Berry (organizer), Simon Griffiths.
  • From McGill University, Montreal: Luc Devroye, Ross Kang, Neil Olver, James King, Nicolas Fraiman.
  • From INRIA, Versailles: Nicolas Broutin.
  • From Oxford University: James Martin, Christina Goldschmidt.
  • From Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris: Omid Amini, Amandine Weber.
  • From the University of Uppsala, Sweden: Cecilia Holmgren.
  • From Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona: Gabor Lugosi.
  • From Carleton University, Ottawa: Vida Dujmovic.


The workshop takes place at McGill University's Bellairs Institute in Holetown, Barbados, on the west side of the island. It can be reached from Grantley Adams airport in about 40 minutes by taxi (58 Barbados dollars, or 29 US dollars) and in about 100 minutes by city bus (1.50 Barbados dollars).


Barbados is safe.

US currency can be used at the rate of two Barbados dollars for one US dollar. There are plenty of ATM machines all over the island (including in the departure area of the airport) that have access to the major banks in North America. All major US and Canadian bank cards work fine.

Bring mosquito repellant. There are (infrequent) outbreaks of dengue fever, so check ahead of time. In the recent past, dengue has not been a problem.

There are computers on campus with access to the internet. Bellairs is fully covered by a wireless network called Bellairs or Bellair's. There is a small charge for the use of this network.


The accommodation is basic but very charming. The rates vary per room (basic rooms (32 USD/person), newer apartments (45 USD/person), and rooms in Seabourne House). The organizers will assign the rooms according to some secret optimization algorithm.

Food is not included in these rates.