THE MATHEMATICS OF MACHINE LEARNING: Thematic month at the CRM in Montreal, April 14-May 11, 2018
A workshop held from April 14, 2018 until May 11, 2018 at Montreal's Centre de Recherches Mathématiques.


The thematic activity focuses on mathematical challenges of machine learning. The spectacular success of machine learning in a wide range of applications opens many exciting theoretical challenges in a number of mathematicaL fields, including probability, statistics, combinatorics, optimization, and geometry. CRM will bring together researchers of machine learning and mathematics to discuss these problems. The principal topics include combinatorial statistics, online learning, and deep neural networks.

The main activities include workshops on combinatorial statistics and modern challenges in learning theory, as well as regular seminars given by the invited researchers, Simons Fellows, and scholars-in-residence.


The program on this temporary page will be fleshed out in the coming months.

  • Monday April 16, 2018: Early opening keynote seminar. Arrival of the Simons fellows and researchers-in-residence.
  • Monday-Thursday, April 23-26, 2018: Modern challenges in learning theory workshop. 24 invited speakers. Open to all scholars. Registration fee 100 dollars.
  • Monday-Friday, April 30-May 4, 2018: Workshop in combinatorial statistics. 25 invited speakers. One minicourse (TBA).
  • Friday, May 11, 2018: Closing keynote seminar.


The meeting is organized by Luc Devroye (McGill University, Montreal), Gabor Lugosi (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona), and Sebastien Bubeck (Microsoft Research, Seattle).

For inquiries, replies and questions regarding the workshop, email Gabor Lugosi.

Confirmed participants



The workshop takes place at the Centre de Recherches Mathématiques, which is located on the campus of the University of Montreal. Google Maps.

The CRM can be reached by subway (Université de Montréal station), by taxi from the airport (ca. 50 Canadian dollars), and by foot through Mont Royal park and cemetery (about one hour from downtown).


Montreal is safe. The Canadian dollar is weak, but the spirits are high. April can bring cold temperatures, with occasional freezing at night. The weather is more clement in May, averaging about 15 degrees at noon in early May.


Participants should find their own accommodation.