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This web site offers free traffic sign fonts used in the UK:

  • Transport is a very clear, distinctive and friendly typeface, the main lettering used on British road signs, designed specifically for this purpose by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert. The versions of Transport on the roads.org.uk page are only intended for private non-commercial use. They may not have sufficiently accurate kerning or letter spacing for professional use, and may lack accented characters and other glyphs. The URW++ font foundry sells the original Transport (by Margaret Calvert), K-Type sells Transport New in three weights, and A2-Type sells New Transport, a modernized version produced in collaboration with Margaret Calvert. The free fonts made by Nathaniel Porter: Transport Medium and Transport Heavy.
  • Transport Medium Greek (John Prentice). Greek road signs are written in both Greek and Latin text, and Transport was specially expanded by the Greek authorities to include suitable characters. Prentice's version of the Transport Medium font contains both the Latin and Greek alphabets.
  • Motorway Permanent (Nathaniel Porter). Motorway is a separate set of letterforms that are only used for route numbers on motorway signs, and so it only contains numbers and a handful of letters and punctuation marks. Motorway Temporary (also by Nathaniel Porter) is a heavier weighting of Motorway Permanent.
  • Pavement (Nathaniel Porter). This is, officially, the form used for painted lettering on the road surface. It is a vertically stretched version of Transport Medium.
  • VMS (Variable Message Signs) (also known as electronic or matrix signs). This lettering is used to calculate precisely which lights should be illuminated to make each letter. This font file was produced by Nathaniel Porter.
  • Old Road Sign Font (Tom Sutch). Before the Worboys Report introduced the current road sign designs and lettering in 1964, British road signs looked very different.
  • AES Ministry (2013, Harry Blackett). An alternative version of the pre-Worboys road sign lettering, which adds some additional modern characters and some punctuation that the original probably never had.

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file name: Harry Blackett. A E S Ministry 2013

file name: Tom Sutch Old Road Signs Font

file name: Nathaniel Porter Motorway Permanent

file name: Nathaniel Porter Transport Heavy

file name: Nathaniel Porter V M S

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