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McGrew writes: Pabst Old Style or Pabst Roman is an early design by Frederic W. Goudy. Lettering he had done for advertisements of Pabst Brewing Company attracted the attention of the advertising manager of a Chicago department store, who asked Goudy to design a typeface based on that lettering. Drawings were delivered and paid for, but owing to the cost of engraving matrices and producing type, the project was abandoned at that point. Later an arrangement was made with ATF, whereby several sizes were cut, with the department store having exclusive use of it for a limited time, after which it became the property of the foundry and was offered for general sale. It was named, however, for Col. Fred Pabst of the brewing company. In a popular style of the day, Pabst retains a hand-lettered feeling through slight irregularities in the edges of lines, carefully preserved in the metal. [...] Pabst was designed in 1902, and the following year ATF commissioned Goudy to draw an italic to accompany it. Matrices for both designs were cut by Robert Wiebking for the foundry, Goudy's first business contact with the man who was to cut many of his types over the next two decades. Caps of the Monotype copy of Pabst Oldstyle, released in 1912, are a little narrower than the foundry original. Pabst Old Style Condensed is a modification by Linotype; it is very similar to the proportions of the Monotype copy of the regular face. Compare Avil, Powell. He continues: Pabst Extra Bold is not related to Pabst Oldstyle. This family was designed for Linotype in 1928, and the condensed version in 1931, by C. H. Griffith, as an interpretation of the extra bold letter typified by Cooper Black. There is considerable resemblance, but in this typeface the tops and bottoms of serifs are flat instead of rounded. Also compare Ludlow Black.

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Cooper Black ⦿ Frederic William Goudy ⦿

file name: A T F Pabst Italic

file name: Frederic W Goudy Pabst Italic 1903

file name: Frederic Goudy Pabst Italic 1903

file name: Frederic Goudy Pabst Roman 1902

file name: A T F Pabst Oldstyle

file name: Frederic W Goudy Pabst Oldstyle 1902

file name: Frederic W Goudy Pabst Oldstyle 1902b

file name: Frederic W Goudy Pabst Oldstyle 1902c

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