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David Occhino Design (was: Treehouse Graphic Design) [David A. Occhino]

Treehouse Graphic Design was David Occhino's font outlet. It is now called David Occhino Design. The Treehouse collection specialized in Startrek, futuristic, Disney and Indiana Jones style fonts, but has widened lately. Most fonts are commercial, but there are a few free ones:

  • Exclusive Designs: Tangaroa (2009, tiki font), TradeWind, Nautilus, Graviton, Voyager, Cinema, Firefly, Forest, Emblem.
  • Signage typefaces: Craftsmen (2010), Craftsmen Ornaments (2010).
  • Movie Fonts: Safari (1996, based on the famous Indiana Jones movie logo created by Mike Salisbury and David Willardson; version 2 in 2011), Venture, Astro, Galax-E, Time Travel, Iron Hero, Knight, Blade, Aeronaut (1997, avant-garde).
  • Art Deco Fonts: Aeronaut (1997; Aeronaut 2.0 in 2011), Cinema, Pan-Pacific (2010: based on the classic 1940s lettering style that was used for the signage for the famous Pan-Pacific Auditorium).
  • Theme Park Fonts: Kingdom (1996, blackletter), Mansion, Encounter, World.
  • Sci-Fi Fonts: Astro SE, Basestar, Blade, Encounter, Galax-E, Graviton, Nautilus, Time Travel, Voyager.
  • Halloween Fonts: Hocus Pocus, Nautilus, Mansion 3.0 (1996-2009), MansionCryptBats (2009, free).
  • Education Fonts: School.
  • Free Fonts: Aurebesh (for Star Wars, 1997), Forbidden Eye, Tangaroa Glyphs (Hawaiian petroglyphs, 2009), World Symbols, Big Thunder Dingbats (2009: Western dingbats).
  • Western fonts: Big Thunder (2009).
  • Fonts I can no longer find: Aurebesh, DNealianArrows, DNealianGuides, DNealianRegular, Starspeeder, StarspeederUpright, Pyramid's Venture, Victorian Mansion.

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David Occhino Design (was: Treehouse Graphic Design)
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file name: David Occhino Craftsmen 2010

file name: David Occhino Craftsmen Ornaments 2010

file name: David Occhino Aeronaut 2011

file name: David Occhino Aeronaut 2011b

file name: David Occhino Mansion Cryptbats

file name: David Occhino Safari 1996 2010

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