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Wm. Ross Mills

Designer (b. Vancouver, 1970) of high-quality typefaces at Tiro Typeworks in Vancouver, which he co-founded with John Hudson. He created Plantagenet (1995, a great transitional type family: the OpenType extension of 2004 is called Plantagenet Novus), 1530 Garamond (1994), and Academia (1995), three full font families. Academia2 (Mills, 2006-2007) is a complete redesign of the 1996 sans family.

In 2000, Tiro was commissioned by the government of the new Canadian Arctic territory of Nunavut to design a set of Inuktitut and Latin script fonts. That font family is called Pigiarniq (Mills; see also here). He is working on Maxwell (also since 2005), a text typeface designed for the typesetting of mathematical and scientific texts.

With Marian Bantjes, he created the ornamental font Restraint (2007), which won an award at TDC2 2008.

The book family Huronia was designed from 2005-2010. The Pro version, which is currently in development, expands upon the standard character/glyph set, with targeted language and script support for languages of the Americas, including Canadian Syllabics, Cherokee, Latin and Latin derivatives for Americanist orthographies, IPA and support for arbitrary accent positioning. Polytonic Greek will also be included in the Pro version. It was published by Rosetta Type in 2013. There are small differences in language coverage between the original font from 2010 and the Rosetta version of 2013, but they promise that these will be evened out. PDF file of the 2010 original.

In 2018, Paul Hanslow, Ross Mills and John Hudson co-designed the free STIX Two family, which is based on Times Roman.

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Wm. Ross Mills
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file name: Ross Mills 1530 Garamond Roman 1994

file name: Ross Mills Academia T Roman 1995

file name: Ross Mills Plantagenet T Roman 1995

file name: Ross Mills Huronia 2010

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