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Brendel Informatik GmbH [Wilhelm Welsch]

Wilhelm Welsch's Cologne-based outfit that sells all the standard fonts, many under new names. Typically about 1DM per font (in packs of 500). Goes also under the name Quick Brown Fox (QBF), and is related to (identical to?) Softmaker. In the seventies, they made some original fonts at Brendel Type Studio such as Diamante and Dragon, but what is the relationship between Brendel Type Studio and Brendel Informatik? Their collection grew and included many semi-clones from major foundries (example: Equipe is like Emigre's Mason, and so forth). In 2000, FontShop sued them for placing 17 of their fonts on their CD, and Brendel lost and had to cough up a lot of money. Mark Johannson explains: The B+P fonts seem to be the earliest and now float freely between Brendel Informatik and Softmaker 's, sometimes renamed, sometimes not. Brendel also did fonts for Serif software (Page Plus, Draw Plus etc.) using the SF suffix. It is not unusual, if you open the SF/Softmaker/Brendel/BP fonts up with a font editor, that you'll find one of the other company's names for it still buried in there in either the TT or T1 ID field!! I'm guessing Softmaker (in Nuremberg) was a software publisher who acquired some type of rights along the lines. They still make software (Softmaker Office is their biggie) and still sell fonts. Brendel still operates out of Cologne and still sells fonts under the "Quick Brown Fox" foundry name. The catalogs between them are pretty identical even down to most font names.

Brendel Informatik GmbH
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file name: Brendel Informatik Mercator 1994

file name: Brendel Informatik Lydiane 1994

file name: Brendel Informatik Strawberry 1994

file name: Brendel Archibald 2012

file name: Brendel Informatik Yorkshire 1990

file name: Brendel Legend 1990

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