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Víctor García

Argentinian graphic and type designer (b. 1948) based in Buenos Aires. He was creative director, art director and graphic designer at several advertising agencies in Buenos Aires, which led to various exhibits such as at the Biennale of Brno and the Japan Design Foundation in Osaka. His type presentation won an award at the XIV-th. International Computer Art competition. He is an occasional contributor to design publications and has been a correspondent of the Munich magazine novum since 2002. His works have been published in Argentina, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, and the United States. '

His type designs include:

  • MotionBats (2009).
  • GarciaToons (2008): GarciaToons Bunny, GarciaToons Cat, and GarciaToons Mouse are the styles. Garcia Toons won an award at Tipos Latinos 2010.
  • Ole Flamenco-Ole Torero (2004). Ole Flamenco-Ole Torero won the tpG Prize at Letras Latinas, 2nd Latin American Type Biennial (2006). The dingbat typefaces Ole Flamenco and Ole Torero were both published by Neufville Digital.
  • Bix Bats (2003). The styles are called Arrow, Funny, Shiny and Wired. The family was published as part of the Linotype Taketype 5 collection.
  • Tangomaniacs (2002). As part of Taketype 4 at Linotype, he made the extratangordinary superpassodoble dingbat fonts Linotype Tangomaniacs Day and Tangomaniacs Night (2002).
  • Bix Plain (2000, Linotype).
  • Zootype (1997-1999): 2nd Prize at the 2nd International Type Design Contest, Linotype Library (1997). In this ingenious font, animals appear out of nowhere in the characters. Stylish, classy, and above all, perfect. At Linotype, we can find Zootype Air, Land and Water (1999). Dedicated web page.

For other work, see a design done in 2001 for the Japan Design Foundation.

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Víctor García
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file name: Victor Garcia Ole N D 2004

file name: Victor Garcia Garcia Toons

file name: Victor Garcia garciatoons cat 2008

file name: Victor Garcia Zootype 1997 1999c

file name: Victor Garcia Tangomaniacs 2001

file name: Victor Garcia Tangomaniacs 2001

file name: Linotype Bix

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