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ITC Garamond opinion [Bill Troop]

Bill Troop's opinion on Tony Stan's ITC Garamond: It's a great typeface. And by the way, all you Garamond snobs -- what makes you think anything else is an authentic revival? Granjon, long 'historically' considered the most faithful revival, is probably the least: in its designer's own words, it's half Caslon. Stempel? A Garamond without an overhanging f is not a Garamond, and though the individual characters are often pretty, it is detestable in mass. Monotype? The best in many respects, but it's Jannon, not Garamond. Adobe? A marvellous, regularized typeface for classy menus, but hardly reminiscent of the genius that came from Garamond's own hand. No. 3? Again, not authentic, but terribly useful, especially in magazine work. No, no, there are very few good Garamonds. I look at ITC Garamond this way: it's not a Garamond revival. It's an attempt to create a contemporary typeface of tremendous legibility that contains as much of the beauty of Garamond's letterforms as is consistent with those goals. The major problem is that the book weight is too light. That can theoretically be solved by using the Adobe multiple master version. ..... Ultimately, the main point of a printing type is to save money on paper, isn't it? Well, ITC Garamond does that more attractively than most, I think. Now excuse me while I adjust my bulletproof shield.

ITC Garamond opinion
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file name: Tony Stan I T C Garamond 1976

file name: Tony Stan I T C Garamond Book 1977

file name: Tony Stan I T C Garamond Light 1977

file name: I T C Garamond Poster by Evgenia Skalyha 2015

file name: Tony Stan I T C Garamond Narrow Ultra 1977

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