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Wilhelm C. Pischner

German type designer, b. Offenbach, 1904, d. Offenbach, 1989. Creator of Neuzeit Grotesk (1928-1929, Stempel, 6 styles---leicht, mager, halbfett, fett, schmalhalbfett, schmalfett) while he worked at Stempel, where he was an apprentice from 1918-1922 and a full time employee from 1922-1940. See also Neuzeit Grotesk (URW++: the first four styles only), DIN Neuzeit (Linotype), Geometric 706 (Bitstream: the schmal styles), Peter Wiegel's free CAT Neuzeit (2012-2014), N692 Sans (SoftMaker), and Neutral Grotesk (2002, SoftMaker). In 2006, Akira Kobayashi produced Neuzeit Office (Linotype), modeled after the original sans serif family Neuzeit S, which was produced by D. Stempel AG and Linotype's design studio in 1966. Neuzeit S itself was a redesign of Pischner's DIN Neuzeit.

Minor typefaces by him include Barcarole (1939, Stempel, a shadow caps face) and Tory Gotisch (unpublished blackletter).

Digital versions and relatives of Neuzeit Grotesk: Neuzeit Grotesk (URW++), DIN Neuzeit Grotesk (Adobe), DIN Neuzeit Grotesk (Linotype), Neuzeit S (Linotype), Neuzeit Office (Linotype), Neuzeit S (Adobe), Heimat Display (Atlas Font Foundry), Karben 105 Stencil (Talbot Type), Heimat Mono (Atlas Font Foundry), Karben 205 (Talbot Type), Karben 105 (Talbot Type), Heimat Stencil (Atlas Font Foundry), Heimat Didone (Atlas Font Foundry), Peter (Calligrafiction), Heimat Sans (Atlas Font Foundry), Karben 105 Mono (Talbot Type), Karben 205 Mono (Talbot Type).

After the second world war, he became an independent graphic designer in Offenbach. Sometimes his name is spelled C. Wilhelm Pischiner or Wilhelm C. Pischiner.

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Wilhelm C. Pischner
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file name: Stempel

file name: Stempel Neuzeit Buch Grotesk

file name: Peter Wiegel C A T Neuzeit 2012 2014

file name: Peter Wiegel C A T Neuzeit Schatten 2012 2014

file name: Wilhelm Pischner Neuzeit Grotesk 1928 U R W Version

file name: Wilhelm Pischner Neuzeit Grotesk 1928 U R W Version

file name: Wilhelm Pischner Neuzeit Grotesk 1928 U R W Version

file name: Wilhelm Pischner Neuzeit Grotesk Bold 1928 U R W Version

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