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Eleisha Pechey

British type designer at Stephenson Blake, 1831 (Bury St. Edmunds)-1902 (London). Designer of these typefaces:

  • Windsor at Stephenson Blake, cut by William Kirkwood in 1905. Question: How can Pechey have designed a font four years after passing away? I got the date 1906 from the Scangraphic site, but either that is wrong, or Myfonts.com erred--still researching this. A correspondent, Jennifer Lindsay, has a plausible explanation: Eleisha has to have designed Windsor somewhat earlier, Stephenson Blake may have bought the design, perhaps from his estate, and it was published by Monotype in 1903. Windsor Elongated used by Woody Allen appears to be an adaption by Stephenson Blake. Digital revivals of Windsor:
    • Revival 801 and BT Windsor (Bitstream).
    • Verona Serial or W730 Roman (Softmaker).
    • Windsor by URW.
    • WindsorSB by Scangraphic.
    • OPTI Windsor by Castcraft.
    • Windsor EF (Elsner & Flake).
    • In 2009, Göran Söderström (Autodidakt) and Peter Bruhn (Fountain) published Trailering Heroine, which was inspired by Windsor.
    • Christine Rudi's New Romanticism (2019, for a school project at FH Trier).
    • In 2021, Miles Newlyn, Riccardo Olocco and Krista Radoeva co-designed New Spirit, a 10-style revival and extension of Windsor.
    Windsor became very popular again between 2018 and 2021 in a love/hate relationship with the design community, as explained in Windsor: British ugly American, a critique by Bethany Heck.
  • Booklet Italic. Punches cut in 1904 by William Kirkwood. This typeface is used in the titles of many Woody Allen movies.
  • Long Imperial Script. Punches cut in 1906 by Karl Gomer.
  • Grotesque No 9 (1906).
  • Charlemagne (1886, ornamental).

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Eleisha Pechey
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file name: Eleishe Pechey Windsor 1905 Digital Revivals image by Bethany Heck

file name: Eleishe Pechey Windsor 1905 Digital Revivals image by Bethany Heck

file name: Grenette Windsor E F Windsor B T Comparison by Colophon 2020

file name: Castcraft O P T I Windsor

file name: Scangraphic Windsor S B 2004

file name: Stephenson Blake Windsor 1903 U R W version

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