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Albert Kapr

German type designer, typographer, calligrapher, author and educator, b. Stuttgart (1918), d. 1995. He was art director at the Dresden type foundry VEB Typoart from 1964 until 1977. He founded and led the Institut für Buchgestaltung at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst at Leipzig from 1956 until 1978. Obituary by Harald Suess. Page at Klingspor. MyFonts page. Catalog of Albert Kapr's typefaces

He designed Faust-Antiqua (1958; this inspired Nick Curtis to design Kaprice NF (2010); in 1993, Steve Jackaman revived it as Faust RR), Leipzig (with Otto Erler in 1963: large x-height), Leipziger-Antiqua (1959, revived by Tim Ahrens in 2004 as JAF Lapture, also digitized--close to the original and under the original name--by Ralph Unger at URW in 2005; and shamelessly digitized by Linotype and sold as Hawkhurst without mentioning the Leipziger Antiqua source, in fact claiming that Hawkhurst is an original), Calendon-Antiqua (1965), Prillwitz-Antiqua (1971, Typoart, with Werner Schulze), and Magna Kyrillisch (1975). Circa 1975, he created Garamond Cyrillic at Typoart.

A specialist of blackletter, he was passionate about Gotische Bastarda. Author of Fraktur: Form und Geschichte der gebrochenen Schriften (1993, H. Schmidt, Mainz). Max Caflisch, Albert Kapr, Antonia Weiss and Hans Peter Willberg published F.H.Ernst Schneidler Schriftentwerfer, Lehrer, Kalligraph (SchumacherGebler a.o., München, 2002). Author of The art of lettering; The history, anatomy, and aesthetics of the roman letterforms (München, K.G. Saur, 1983, original edition in German by VEB Verlag: Dresden, 1971).

Albert Kapr
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file name: Nick Curtis Kaprice N F 2010

file name: Steve Jackaman Faust R R Pro based on Albert Kapr

file name: Albert Kapr study of Gotische Bastarda

file name: Albert Kapr Typoart Garamond Cyrillic ca1975

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