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Fonts of Afrika [Peter Slingsby]

Fonts of Afrika is Peter Slingsby's South African foundry selling mostly dingbat fonts at 4 to 6 USD per font. About ten of his 80 fonts are free. Includes rock art, African dingbats, wildlife, children, American railroads, Christian icons, safari, tourism. Great choice. Slingsby, the author and illustrator. Peter Slingsby sells some of his fonts at abstractfonts.com. These are original African dingbats or alphabets with an African feel. Reasonable prices (between 1 and 5 dollars per font). Names: Africa D History, Africa D Wildlife, Africa D People, Africa D Art, Africa T Inkuni, Africa TiQwara, Africa T Ndebele, Afrika Mfundisi, Africa T Ndlovu, Africa T Ubuntu, Africa T Xixo. List of fonts: Afrika Children 1 Rural, Afrika Children 2 Township, Afrika Children 3 at Play, Afrika Children 4 Faces, Afrika Children A Rural, Afrika Children B Township, Afrika Children C at Play, Afrika Children D Faces, Afrika Gold A Patterns, Afrika Images 11 Special, Afrika Images A /Xixo, Afrika Images A Xixo, Afrika Images B Ubuntu, Afrika Images C mKonto, Afrika Images DiQwara, Afrika Images E Dawuwu, Afrika Images F mBizo, Afrika Images G Sangoma, Afrika Images H Gau-aïb, Afrika Images H GauAib, Afrika RockArt 1 Groups, Afrika RockArt 2 People, Afrika RockArt 3 Animals, Afrika RockArt 4 Sevilla, Afrika RockArt A People 1, Afrika RockArt B People 2, Afrika RockArt C People 3, Afrika RockArt D People 4, Afrika RockArt E Beliefs 1, Afrika RockArt F Animals 1, Afrika RockArt G Animals 2, Afrika RockArt H TheEnd, Afrika RockArt I Bkloof 1, Afrika RockArt J Bkloof 2, Afrika RockArt K Bkloof 3, Afrika RockArt L Bkloof 4, Afrika RockArt M Cberg 1, Afrika RockArt N Cberg 2, Afrika mFundisi, Afrika T Inkuni, Afrika TiQwara, Afrika T Ndebele, Afrika T Ndlovu, Afrika T Ubuntu, Afrika T Xixo, Afrika Fonts Sampler, Afrika Phunny Phauna, Afrika Birds 1 Wetlands, Afrika Birds 2 Small, Afrika Birds 3 Large, Afrika Mammals 1 Small, Afrika Mammals 2 Large, Afrika Mammals 3 Antelope, Afrika Mammals 4 Spoor, Afrika Wildlife A Mammals 1, Afrika Wildlife B Mammals 2, Afrika Wildlife C Mammals 3, Afrika Wildlife D Mammals 4, Afrika Wildlife E Birds 1, Afrika Wildlife F BirdReps 2, Afrika Wildlife G Insects, Afrika Wildlife G Insectsplus, Afrika Wildlife H RockArt, Afrika Wildlife Ha RockArtplus, Afrika Safari A Ndebele, Afrika Safari B Paljas, Afrika Safari C Sossus, Afrika Safari D Shosholo, Afrika Safari E Inkuni, Afrika Safari F Gogga, Afrika Safari G Mfhungu, Afrika Safari H Kung SAFETY, Afrika Wildlife B Mammals 2, Christian Icons B Monograms, Christian Icons C Saints, Symblic Safety Signs 1, Symblic Safety Signs 2, Tourism Labelled, Tourism Labelled Negative, Tourism Labelled Outside, Tourism Labelout Negative, Tourism Unlabelled, Tourism Unlabelled Negative, Tourism Unlabelled Open.

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