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Lazy Dog Foundry (or: Franklin Type Founders)

[Willie Ford]

Written by Luc Devroye
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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St. Paul, MN-based foundry run by Willie Ford. Franklin Type Founders includes a collection of fonts from Lazy Dog Foundry but has also a library of fonts licenced from International Typeface Corporation (ITC) and, with the backing of URW++, from a number of smaller foundries. Some Lazy Dog fonts: Belmondo, Berliner, BigBlack, Boomerang, Bostonia (a gothic font), Chieftain Solid / Inline, Cypress, Durango, Emporium, Glorietta, GrecoDeco Solid / Inline, Harpers, Isadora, Little Louis, Manhattan, Medina, Minneapolis, Mississippi, Neuland Solid / Inline, Nova Bold, Riverboat, Schwere, Shrifteen, Socrates, Tombstone Outline / Solid, Thermo, Uptown, Yitsui. All fonts made in 1992. I have been looking for Willie Ford. The most interesting match is here. Font Factory sells these Franklin Type Founders fonts: Aster, Augustea, Barcelona, Baskerville Hancut, Berliner, Beton, Big Black, Blackboard, ITC Bolt Bold, Boomerang, Bordeaux, Bostonia, Brody, Bullfinch, Busorama, Cabaret, Camellia, Castle, Catherine, Chelmsford, Chieftan, Chisel, Colwell, Cypress, Diskus, Durango, Einhorn, Emporium, Erin Lynn, Fat Face, Flash, Glorietta, Greco, Harpers, Harris, Herald, Honda, Horndon, Ice Age, Isadora, Latin Tall, Lazy Script, Legriffe, Liberty, Lindsay, Little Louis, Madison, Magna, Magnus, Manhattan, Marker, Medina, Minneapolis, Mississippi, Nadall, national Modern, National Oldstyle, Nevision Casual, Nova, Pajamas, Phyllis Script, Piccadilly, Plaza, Primus, Punch, Quentin, Railroad, Recess, Riverboat, Rumpus, Scaffold, Schwere, Schrifteen, Slipstream, Socrates, Sophie, Sterling, Superstar, Synchro, Thermo, Timeless, Times Coop, Titus Light, Tombstone, Uptown, Victorian Script, Vienna, Weifz Rundfchrift, Windsor, Worcester, Yitsui.

Lazy Dog Foundry (or: Franklin Type Founders)
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