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Ken Lunde

Dr. Ken Lunde is Manager of CJKV Type Development at Adobe Systems Incorporated, San Jose, CA. He holds a Ph.D. (1994) in Linguistics from The University of Wisconsin-Madison. He wrote Understanding Japanese Information Processing (O'Reilly&Associates, 1993), and CJKV Information Processing (O'Reilly&Associates, 1999). He also wrote CJKV Information Processing: Chinese, Japanese, Korean&Vietnamese Computing (O'Reilly). In 2010, Adobe will release the first genuinely proportional Japanese font, Kazuraki (by Japanese type designer Ryoko Nishizuka), which was developed at Adobe in 2009 under his management.

Ken managed the Source Han Sans project---these are open source fonts released in 2014 by Adobe and Google for Japanese, Chinese and Korean. He also headed the development of Source Han Serif.

In 2018, Ken Lunde and Masataka Hattori co-designed Soukou Mincho (free at Fontsquirrel).

In 2019, he created the experimental variable font Width at Adobe. Github link.

Speaker at ATypI 2019 in Tokyo on the topic of The History of Japan's Era Name Square Ligatures, and in particular, the two-kanji square ligatures for the five most recent eras, Reiwa (2019), Heisei (1989), Shouwa, Taishou and Meiji.

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file name: Ken Lunde Ryoko Nishizuka White On Black V F 2019

file name: Ken Lunde Width 2019

file name: Ken Lunde Masataka Hattori Soukou Mincho 2018

file name: Source Han Serif Korean 2017

file name: Source Han Serif Simplified Chinese 2017

file name: Source Han Serif Traditional Chinese 2017

file name: Ken Lunde Ryoko Nishizuka Frank Griesshammer Source Han Serif 2017

file name: Ken Lunde Adobe Kazuraki Medium 2009 Large

file name: Ken Lunde Adobe Kazuraki Medium 2009

file name: Ken Lunde Pic 2019

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