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FontGroup [Michael Hernan]

Creator of the Neotechnic series of (free) fonts: Accudigit Regular, Accudigit Body, Parma, Intermatrix (1998), Matricies, Hako, Basic. The designer, Michael Hernan made these fonts between 1995-1998, and writes: About Neotechnic Series: This series of Fonts reflect the information industry at the end of the 20th century and its obsession with classification. Each typeface captures a different aspect of our recent info-culture. He obtained an MA in typeface design from the University of Reading in 2008. At Reading, he designed Pseudo (2008). He started FontGroup in 2008, but that no longer exists (and the link died). His old site, sitehernan, has not been updated in many years. The last typefaces shown at FontGroup before its demise included: Isoglyph (2009), Pseudo (2008-2009), Helvetica Kiss Fit (2006), Helvetica PointSign, Helvetica MultiDigit, UnicaDeux (2006, after an André Gürtler design), KataKana, Galactic Slab, Hako (dot matrix), Bodoni Arabic Numerals, Accudigit Body (1997, pixel face), AfterModule (1997, pixelish), Basic RCT (1995, pixel face), Block Normal (1993), EuroPop, 469 (numerals), g1055, InterMatrix (1998, dot matrix), Matricies Positive (1996, gridded), Matricies Negative (1996), Newer Alphabet, Octane (2005, octagonal and geometric), Fuiji Numbers (pixel face), Parma Sixtyeight (1996, inspired by a No. 6 on the side of Nelson Piquet's 1984 Brabham Racing car), Photo Numbers (pixel face), Pre Recollect, Quartz, Readable Dog, Shasyoku Moji II, Steiner Numbers (2005, numerals), Week Day, Alumi (1996, a squarish typeface based on a design by Saul Bass), Astra (1996, after a 1973 Letraset typeface called Star Marquee), Epps Evans (1995-1997, after Herbert Spencer), New Alphabet (1996, experimental, minimal, based on Wim Crouwel's alphabet), Volume Control (1999, dings), Fine Line (1994), Humana, Clock Face (1995, numbers for clocks). See also here.

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file name: Michael Hernan Parma Sixty Eight 1996

file name: Michael Hernan Pseudo 2009

file name: Michael Hernan Pseudo 2009b

file name: Michael Hernan Unica Deux 2006 after Andre Gurtler Unica Deux

file name: Michael Hernan Unica Deux 2006 after Andre Gurtler Unica Deux

file name: Michael Hernan After Module 1997

file name: Michael Hernan Alumi 1996

file name: Michael Hernan Astra 1996 after Star Marquee Letraset 1973

file name: Michael Hernan Basic R C T 1995

file name: Michael Hernan Block Normal 1993

file name: Michael Hernan Clockface Numerals 1995

file name: Michael Hernan Fine Line 1994

file name: Michael Hernan Helvetica Kiss Fit 2006

file name: Michael Hernan Inter Matrix 1998

file name: Michael Hernan Isoglyph 2009

file name: Michael Hernan Matricies Positive 1996

file name: Michael Hernan N P L Epps Evans 1997 after Herbert Spencer 1969

file name: Michael Hernan New Alphabet 1996 after Wim Crouwel

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