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Dixie's Delights [Michelle Dixon]

This used to be a wonderful page, but Michelle Dixon seems to have retired from the font making business. There used to be five shareware dingbats fonts: African Ornaments One, Cave Painting Dingbats One, Mayan Dingbats, Pre-Columbian Ornaments One, and Printers' Ornaments One (Mac PS), plus about 45 other original fonts (not shareware). In her wonderful collection, the following of Michelle Dixon's creations stand out: Arrighi Copybook, ItalianMosaicOrnaments, Beautiful, LondonHouse, Love Letter Typewriter, Gaudy Medium, Rusty Nail-Medium (the last four are all old typewriter fonts), and the display fonts Isla Bella (art nouveau), La Negrita, Arty Nouveau, Victorian, Art Nouveau Fonts, Bad Dog-Black, Berlin, Caslon Frenzy, Dixon's Vixens Caps, AntiqueMonoTW, DangerousTypoWriter, Elegant Nouveau Initial Caps, Fruitbasket, Matador, Manhattan, Modern Scribe, Ovid, Spillage, Tacos, Tolstoy, Typewriter, Love Letter, Basketcase, ChiliPepperDingbats, Postage Stamps, Garish Monde, Taco Modern, and Beautiful Ink. All fonts are between 5 and 30 dollars a piece, but often there are four fonts per face. In August 98, the absolutely gorgeous calligraphic font Beautiful Ink became available as a 10USD shareware font in Windows TrueType. Many designs are by Blake Haber, who is Michelle Dixon's husband. Located in Santa Barbara, CA.

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file name: Blake Haber Taco Salad 1994

file name: Dixies Delights Taco Modern 1994

file name: Dixies Delights African Ornaments One

file name: Dixies Delights Basketcase Roman

file name: Dixies Delights Beautiful Ink

file name: Dixies Delights Beautiful Inkb

file name: Dixies Delights Cave Painting Dingbats

file name: Dixies Delights Isla Bella

file name: Dixies Delights Isla Bellab

file name: Dixies Delights Love Letter T W

file name: Dixies Delights Matador

file name: Dixies Delights Matadorb

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