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Page Studio Graphics (or: Pixymbols) [Roger Vershen]

Page Studio Graphics is Roger Vershen's Oro Valley, AZ-based company specializing in symbols and symbol fonts, founded by him in 1986. Roger Vershen died in Tucson, AZ, in 2003.

The fonts (grouped under the name PIXymbols) include ADA symbols v.2.0, Africa, Alphabox, Alphacircle, Ameslan (ASL), Antorff (blackletter), Antorff Fractions, Apothecary, Arrows, Astrology, Backstitch, Boxkey, BoxNLines, Braille grade 2, Casual, Chalk Casual, PIXymbols Chess, Command Key, Courex (typewriter family), Crossword, PIXymbols Deco Glass (2001), Digit&Clocks (+LED symbols), Dingbats&Online, DOSScreen, Fabric Care, FARmarks (Federal Aviation Regulations lettering), Flagman (semaphore), Fractions, Gridmaker, Highway Gothic (U.S. Department of Transportation's Standard Alphabets for Highway Signs), PIXymbols Highway Gothic 2002, Highway Signs (U.S. Department of Transportation), Hospital&Safety, LCD, Linea (2002, prismatic), Luna, Malkoff (calligraphic font), Marina, Meeting, Mejicana (2001, a Mexican party font), Menufonts, Morse, Musica (instruments), Newsdots, Orchestra, Passkey, Patchwork, PCx, Phone, PIXymbolsMusica, Prescott (2001, Western), Penman (2001, connected script), PrimerD (letters with lines), Recycle, Roadsigns, Shadowkey, Signet (family), Signet Shadow, Squared, Strings, Stylekey, Tolerances&Datum, Travel&Hotel, TV List, Unikey, US Map, Vershen (2001), Xcharting, Xstitch. They also sell EPS files of all Arms of Swiss cantons, and many nice initial caps. Look also for Faux Hebrew (simulated Hebrew), as part of the Faux package that also includes Faux Sanskrit, Faux Runic, Faux Hebrew, Faux Japanese, Faux Arabic, Faux Chinese and Faux Chinese Sans.

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Page Studio Graphics (or: Pixymbols)
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file name: Roger Vershen A D Asigns

file name: Roger Vershen Antorff

file name: Roger Vershen Faux Chinese

file name: Roger Vershen Faux Arabic

file name: Roger Vershen Faux Hebrew 2001

file name: Roger Vershen Faux Sanskrit

file name: Roger Vershen Highway Gothic C

file name: Roger Vershen Linea 2002

file name: Roger Vershen Mejicana 2001

file name: Roger Vershen P I Xymbols Chess

file name: Roger Vershen P I Xymbols Deco Glass 2001

file name: Roger Vershen P I Xymbols Courex

file name: Roger Vershen P I Xymbols Clocks

file name: Roger Vershen P I Xymbols Marina

file name: Roger Vershen P I Xymbols Marina

file name: Roger Vershen P I Xymbols Signet Shadow 2001

file name: Roger Vershen P I Xymbols Signet Shadow 2001b

file name: Roger Vershen Penman 2001

file name: Roger Vershen Prescott 2001

file name: Roger Vershen Malkoff

file name: Roger Vershen Vershen 2001

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