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Donald E. Knuth

Professor of computer science at Stanford University, who by himself changed the world of mathematical and scientific typesetting when he developed TeX in the 1980s. That system needed fonts, so he developed a program called Metafont that permits a simple software description of a glyph. And with Metafont, and the help of Hermann Zapf, he created the Computer Modern type family. This is a tour de force, because each letter in the 72 original fonts has only one descriptive program that contains several parameters. Different parameter settings yield the typefaces, from italic to roman and bold, from 5pt to 10pt and 17pt optical settings, and from sans to serif and typewriter. Since a few years ago, he is Professor Emeritus of The Art of Computer Programming at Stanford University.

In 1983, Hermann Zapf and Donald Knuth headed a project to develop a font set called Euler. One implementation of that is AMS Euler Text.

Author in 1998 of Digital Typography (CSLI Publications). His METAFONT Book is free.

In 2013, he received the Peter Karow Award in typography.

Donald E. Knuth
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file name: Donald Knuth Computer Modern Example by Urs Oswald 2002

file name: Don Knuth Euler

file name: Euler typeface glyphs

file name: Hermann Zapf Donald Knuth A M S Euler Text Greek 1983

file name: Hermann Zapf Donald Knuth A M S Euler Text Bold Greek 1983

file name: Hermann Zapf Donald Knuth A M S Euler Text 1983

file name: A Typ I2013 Don Knuth David Lemon

file name: A Typ I2013 Don Knuth Peter Karow Frank E Blokland Medium

file name: A Typ I2013 Frank E Blokland Don Knuth David Lemon Medium

file name: A Typ I2013 Don Knuth

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