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Walter Tracy

Born in the UK (1914-1995). He was a type designer at Barnard Press from 1935-1938, did freelance design in 1947, and worked for Linotype England as head of the typer department from 1948-1978. He continued after 1978 designing Arabic typefaces for Linotype. Fonts: Jubilee (1953-1954, Linotype), Adsans (1959, also known as Bitstream Humanist 970; with short descenders to jam as much text as possible in newspaper ads and telephone directories; revived in 2011 by Ian Lynam as Adora), Maximus (1967), Telegraph Modern (1969, for "The Daily Telegraph" newspaper), Times Europa (1972, for The Times of London, as a replacement of Times New Roman which was made in 1931), Doric (1973), Telegraph Newface Bold (with Shelley Winter, 1979), Qadi (1979, Arabic font at Linotype), Kufics (1980, Arabic font at Linotype), Oasis (1985), Sharif (1989, Arabic font at Linotype), Malik (1988, Arabic font at Linotype), Medina (1989, Arabic font at Linotype).

There s a Pilgrim typeface at Linotype attributed to Walter Tracy. It is based on Eric Gill's Pilgrim (1934) originally designed by Gill for a book published by the Limited Edition Club of New York. It has an incised quality that one also finds in other typefaces by Gill such as Joanna and Perpetua.

Tracy was a typographic advisor to The Times. He is perhaps most famous for his bestselling book Letters of Credit, a View of Type Design (London, 1986). This was republished in 2003 by David R. Dine in Boston. He also published "The Typographic Scene" (London, 1988). For lo-fi printing types, a recommended reading is Tracy's Telephone Directories (in issue #15 of the old series of Typographica (1958), pp 4-15).

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Walter Tracy
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file name: Walter Tracy Pilgrim Pro Roman after Eric Gill Pilgrim 1934

file name: Ian Lynam Adora Bold 2011 after Walter Tracy Ad Sans 1959

file name: Ian Lynam Adora Bold 2011 after Walter Tracy Ad Sans 1959b

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