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MunchFonts [Gary Munch]

Gary Munch (born 1953) is the Stamford, CT-based principal of MunchFonts. He teaches at Norwalk Community College and at the University of Bridgeport Shintaro Akatsu School of Design.. His typefaces:

  • GMAhuramazda (runes).
  • Calligraphic.
  • Candara (2005), a flared typeface done for Microsoft's ClearType project. Candara received a TypeArt 05 award.
  • GMChanceryModern.
  • Munch produced three new Cherokee fonts in 2011 in response to a request by Joseph Erb, of language technology and education services at the Cherokee Nation: Chancery Modern ProCherokee (a sleek sans serif semi-cursive font), Neogrotesk Cherokee (a multipurpose workhorse design), and Munch Chancery Cherokee (a calligraphic font that resembles handwriting). The Cherokee Nation is using Munch Chancery at its Cherokee Immersion School.
  • GMClavier.
  • GMDuomo.
  • Linotype Ergo.
  • The 8-weight didone font family GMFidelio is my favorite.
  • Finerliner (linked handwriting).
  • GMGlobe.
  • GMHieroglyphic.
  • GMHyperspace.
  • GMLondinium (1993, a blackletter face), and GM Londinium Versals (a Lombardic face).
  • GMMage.
  • GMMedallion. An architectural writing font made in 1997.
  • GMMeter.
  • GMMunchfonts.
  • GMMunchies.
  • GMNanogram.
  • GMPepRally.
  • GMPrentice.
  • Linotype Really (1997). An almost-didone family with Cyrillic and Greek extensions for which he received an award at the TDC2 2001 competition, and obtained third prize at the 3rd International Digital Type Design Contest by Linotype Library. It was updated to Really No2 in 1999.
  • GM SPQR. A Trajan type family.
  • UrbanScrawlButtah, UrbanScrawlChill, UrbanScrawlDown, UrbanScrawlFly.
  • GM Wodensday.

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file name: Gary Munch G M Londinium

file name: Gary Munch G M Londinium Versals 1993

file name: Gary Munch G M Mage

file name: Gary Munch G M Medallion 1997

file name: Gary Munch Cherokee Typeface 2011

file name: Pic typecon2003 pasternak gary

file name: Gary Munch Linotype Ergo Medium 1997

file name: Gary Munch Linotype Ergo 1997

file name: Gary Munch Linotype Really Demi Bold 1997

file name: Gary Munch Linotype Really 1999

file name: Gary Munch Really No2 1999

file name: Gary Munch Really No2 1999b

file name: Gary Munch S P Q R 1993

file name: Gary Munch Candara

file name: Gary Munch Candara 2005

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