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Karl-Erik Forsberg

Written by Luc Devroye
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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Calligrapher and type designer, born in Munsö, Sweden, in 1914. He died in 1995 in Nyhamslaege [note: MyFonts states 1998]. Studied at the Gewerbeschule in Basel from 1946-1947. He became Sweden's grand master of the book arts. His best-known typeface is Berling. His typefaces:

  • Berling. This consists of Berling Anitkva (1951) and Berling Bold (1951-1958). Digital revivals: Bestseller, Belfast Serial (on the SoftMaker MegaFont XXL CD, 2002 and at Infinitype), Bitstream's Revival565, Berling SB (2004, Scangraphic), Berling Nova (Text and Display) (2003-2004, Linotype, by Örjan Nordling and Fredrik Andersson, with advice from Akira Kobayashi).
  • Parad (1936-1941).
  • Lunda (1938-1942). A tribute to Berlingska Stilgjuteriet in Lund, a Swedish type foundry (1837-1980) which supported Forsberg from the start. Lunda Modern (1998, Stefan Hattenbach) is an extension of Lunda.
  • Ericus.
  • Aros Antiqua (for "Tryckcentra i Västerås").
  • Carolus (1953-1954). Pen-drawn capitals for Letraset/Mecanorma systems. See C653-Deco on the SoftMaker Megafont CD, or Carleton by Corel.
  • An early unnamed and unfinished typeface of Forsberg formed the basis of the Remontoire family (1998, Stefan Hattenbach).

His books in Swedish include

  • Antiqua, Vandring bland bokstavsformer, Norstedts 1957.
  • Exlibris, monogram och andra märken, Norstedts 1981.
  • Bokstaven i mitt liv, Norstedts 1982.
  • Mina bokstäver, Wikens förlag, 1983.
  • Skrift, Handledning i kalligrafi, Norstedts 1986.
  • Schrift, Wittig Verlag, Hamburg, 1987.
  • Bokstaven och ordet, Wikens förlag, 1990.
  • Vandring bland bokstavsformer, Norstedts, 1992.
  • Alpha Magica, Calligrafia förlag, 1994.

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Karl-Erik Forsberg
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