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The main digital type foundry in Russia. ParaType was established as a font department of ParaGraph International in 1989 in Moscow, Russia. At that time in the Soviet Union, all typeface development was concentrated in a state research institute, Polygraphmash. It had the most complete collection of Cyrillic typefaces, which included revivals of Cyrillic typefaces developed by the Berthold and Lehmann type foundries established at the end of 19th century in St. Petersburg, and artwork from Vadim Lazurski, Galina Bannikova, Nikolay Kudryashov and other masters of type and graphic design of Soviet time. ParaType became the first privately-owned type foundry in many years. A license agreement with Polygraphmash allows ParaType to manufacture and distribute their typefaces. Most of Polygraphmash staff designers soon moved to ParaType. In the beginning of 1998, ParaType was separated from the parent company and inherited typefaces and font software from ParaGraph. The company was directed by Emil Yakupov until February 2014. After Yakupov's death, Irina Petrova took over the reins.

Products include FastFont, a simple TrueType builder, ParaNoise, a builder for PostScript fonts with random contours, FontLab, a universal font editor and ScanFont, a font editor with scanning module. Random, customized fonts. Multilingual fonts including, Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, Georgian and Hebrew fonts for Macintosh and Windows.

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Famous typefaces by Paratype include Academy, Pragmatica, Newton, Courier, Futura, Petersburg, Jakob, Kuenstler 480, ITC Studio Script, ITC Zapf Chancery, Amore CTT (2004, Fridman), Karolla, Inform, Hafiz (Arabic), Kolheti (Georgian), Benzion (Hebrew).

The PT Sans (Open Font Library link), PT Serif and PT Mono families (2009-2012) are free. PT stands for Public Type. Another download site. PT Sans, for example, consists of PTSans-Bold, PTSans-BoldItalic, PTSans-Caption, PTSans-CaptionBold, PTSans-Italic, PTSans-Narrow, PTSans-NarrowBold, PTSans-Regular.

Other free ParaType fonts include Courier Cyrillic, Pushkin (2005, handwriting font), and a complete font set for Cyrillic.

Type designers include Vladimir Yefimov, Tagir Safayev, Lyubov Kuznetsova, Manvel Schmavonyan and Alexander Tarbeev. They give this description of the 370+ library: The Russian constructivist and avant garde movements of the early 20th century inspired many ParaType typefaces, including Rodchenko, Quadrat Grotesk, Ariergard, Unovis, Tauern, Dublon and Stroganov. The ParaType library also includes many excellent book and newspaper typefaces such as Octava, Lazurski, Bannikova, Neva or Petersburg. On the other hand, if you need a pretty typeface to knock your clients dead, meet the ParaType girls: Tatiana, Betina, Hortensia, Irina, Liana, Nataliscript, Nina, Olga and Vesna (also check Zhikharev who is not a girl but still very pretty). ParaType also excels in adding Cyrillic characters to existing Latin typefaces -- if your company is ever going to do business with Eastern Europe, you should make them part of your corporate identity! ParaType created CE and Cyrillic versions of popular typefaces licensed from other foundries, including Bell Gothic, Caslon, English 157, Futura, Original Garamond, Gothic 725, Humanist 531, Kis, Raleigh, and Zapf Elliptical 711.

Finally, ParaType offers a handwriting font service out of its office in Saratoga, CA: 120 dollars a shot.

View the ParaType typeface library. Another view of the ParaType typeface collection.

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file name: Paratype Lazurski

file name: Vladimir Yefimov Lazurski 1984 1996b

file name: Alexandra Korolkova Isabella Chaeva P T Mono 2012

file name: Paratype Kuenstler480 2010

file name: Paratype Karolla

file name: Vladimir Yefimov Alexander Tarbeev Isabella Chaeva Pragmatica 1989

file name: Vladimir Yefimov Alexander Tarbeev Isabella Chaeva Pragmatica 1989b

file name: Vladimir Yefimov Olga Chaeva Pragmatica 1989 2004

file name: Para Type Blonde Fraktur 2011

file name: Para Type Futura P T 2011

file name: Para Type Magistral 2011

file name: Paratype Amore C T T 2004b

file name: Paratype Amore C T T 2004c

file name: Paratype News Gothic

file name: Paratype P T Sans Bold 2009

file name: Paratype P T Sans 2010

file name: Paratype P T Serif 2010

file name: Alexandra Korolkova Olga Umpeleva Vladimir Yefimov P T Serif 2013

file name: Alexandra Korolkova Olga Umpeleva Vladimir Yefimov P T Serif 2013b

file name: Alexandra Korolkova Olga Umpeleva Vladimir Yefimov P T Serif 2013c

file name: Alexandra Korolkova Olga Umpeleva Vladimir Yefimov P T Serif 2013d

file name: Alexandra Korolkova Olga Umpeleva Vladimir Yefimov P T Serif 2013e

file name: Paratype Pushkin France 2005

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