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David Carson

David Carson (b. 1955, Corpus Christi, TX) graduated from San Diego State University. Arguably one of the world's most famous graphic designers, he created a few fonts and is credited with launching the typographic grunge style in the 1990s. When people talk of "David Carson" fonts, they usually mean fonts he used in publications he helped realize, like Ray Gun and Eye magazines, and the End of Print book. A number of these fonts that have appeared in Ray Gun (for which he worked from 1992 until 1995) while Carson was art director are available for sale from Garage Fonts. A font designed by Carson (emulating hand/finger gestures) is included in one of Neville's FUSE series. At FUSE 7, he published Fingers. In 1995, Carson left Ray Gun to found his own studio, David Carson Design, in New York City. In 2000, Carson closed his New York City studio and followed his children to Charleston, South Carolina, where their mother had relocated them. Since then he has lived in San Diego, Seattle, Zurich, and Tortola . Currently he lives and works in NYC.

Joe Clark ends an interview like this: I sent David Carson a copy of my published story via poste escargot, only to have it returned unopened with a handwritten note declaring: "Joe-- I'm not interested in your type of 'journalism.'" The design prima donna's antics are increasingly irrelevant now that he has been dismissed from Ray Gun (ding-dong!) and is now a meta-personality famous for being famous, rather like Zsa Zsa Gabor on The Hollywood Squares. No quantity of hagiographic Apple and other advertisements, David, can substitute for a genuine career. And your new magazine Speak comes dangerously close to monomania. Letting you lay it out and edit it and write it is the Peter principle brought to life. Though you're not interested in my type of "journalism," more and more readers are losing interest in yours.

Author of the successful text The End of Print: The Graphic Design of David Carson (Chronicle, 1995).

Wikipedia link. Interview with Joe Clark (Toronto). Very readable bio.

David Carson
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file name: David Carson Portrait by Anna Lavi 2017

file name: Huw Williams Typeface 2016 based on David Carson Ray Gun 1970s

file name: David Carson Ray Gun Magazine

file name: David Carson Ray Gun Magazine

file name: Steven Held Deconstructivism Poster based on David Carson

file name: David Carson Pic

file name: David Carson Pic

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