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Waldorf Fonts [Joachim Frank]

Joachim Frank from Filderstadt, Germany, specializes in anthroposophical typefaces. His fonts include the Filirator family (1998, free at Dafont), Waldorfduo, Waldorfitalic, Waldorf Outline, Waldorf Schmal, Waldorf Schrift, Waldorfshadow, and Lisa (a free handwriting font). The Waldorfschrift family was created in digital form in the years 1993-1994 by Joachim Frank, inspired by the naturally organic letters from the anthroposophical movement of the 20th century of Rudolf Steiner.

Mike Diaz pointed out that Waldorfschrift is really really close to Ingrid Liche's FF Liant (1995) about which FontFont writes: In 1976 Ingrid Liche began designing Liant Medium for the packaging of the natural cosmetic company Weleda AG in Germany. Since then this typeface has defined the corporate identity of Weleda worldwide and because of this company's prestige, the look to the entire natural cosmetic and biologically oriented industry. Because of a split of opinions in the international company in 1994, the mother company in Switzerland decided to introduce a new house face; thereby giving up the brand name recognition that had been established over twenty years... Because of the turn in events and since Liche still owned the rights to Liant, she decided to distribute the typeface exclusively over FontShop International. She re-digitized the font, adding several ligatures and expanding the typeface to a three weight family. The most noticable characteristic of the font is its lively lines, the forms for which are taken from nature. Within the individual characters there is an exchange of sinking and rising points, which are connected by taut curves.

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file name: Joachim Frank Filirator

file name: Joachim Frank Waldorf Outline 1993

file name: Joachim Frank Waldorf Outline 1993

file name: Joachim Frank Waldorf Schmal 1993

file name: Joachim Frank Waldorf Schmal 1993

file name: Joachim Frank Waldorfschrift 1993b

file name: Joachim Frank Waldorfschrift 1993c

file name: Joachim Frank Waldorfschrift Bold 1993

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