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Southern Software Inc. (SSi)

Port Charlotte, FL-based company owned by the infamous Paul Eric King (pastor of Harborview Christian Church in the same city, b. Stormlaks, IA, 1954), who has reengineered most of Monotype's and Adobe's fonts in the 1990s. For example, their Just My Type CD ($29.95) had 3360 fonts. It was not a foundry, but copied fonts. The Key Fonts Pro 3003 for Macintosh has the same old rip-off fonts found on the older 1555 Key Fonts Pro CD, plus a few new fonts ripped off from new victims. Incredibly, the Postscript versions came without AFM files and were thus useless. Apparently, the kerning present in the TrueType versions or the IBM PostScript versions is the pits, so the whole set is worthless, and proves that King, who is being sued by Adobe, knows nothing about fonts and does not care about quality. Paul King ignored my email regarding the kerning/AFM matter. The kerning pairs on the 1555 Key Fonts Pro CD in contrast were much better. Also, all his fonts can be extracted from the PDF files if you convert these files to PS.

Paul King was condemned in court in February 1998 for violation of copyright.

King's legal troubles continued on another front: he was arrested on July 2, 2001, for allegedly paddling a child so hard he left bruises. In all, he faced eight accusations of alleged child abuse. The trial started in August 2002. He was convicted in November 2002 and was sentenced on December 30, 2002. Relevant web sites: crime record, Sun Herald (select "Search News Archives", respond "YES" that you are a subscriber, enter "Paul King" for the search keywords (don't use quotes), click Begin Search), Herald Tribune (select Archives (in the left column under Services), enter keywords "paul king" (you must use quotation marks)), NBC, ABC, Booking document (click on Case Number, enter "01000534F", click on Documents). On December 31, 2002, Paul King was sentenced to three months of jail term (see also here).

SSi ceased operations.

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