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Marty Bee

Marty Bee is a designer and medical illustrator in Sulphur, LA. He has designed both free and commercial typefaces.

His commercial fonts are available from Plazm and T-26: Slumgullion (1993, a party headline font), Flowerchild, CropCircles, Gargantua, SonofStarmanA, StarmanPict.

At Plazm, he did Cibola (1995, nice dingbats), Wet and Wilde (1994) and Three Rivers (1994), for example.

Some more fonts: Wildside (1994, angular and gothic), Cheap Motel, Halloweenies, Flowerchild, Sangreal (1994, gothic), Scaredycat, SidTheSpider, Slasher (2000), Slumgullion (1993, ornamental caps), Space Cowboy, Stiletto (2000), Saguaro (2000, angular), Cactus Pete, MyShoes, Tropicana (1994, chiseled look), Trapping, Galleon, Goblin Moon (scary), Ghost Bayou (blood drip face), Big Bubba, Lafitte (2000, a didone display face), Daytripper, Contraband (grungy), Fat (1994, oriental simulation face), Fat Sushi, Beatnik, Kerouac (1994, a Kafkaesque face), PostModern Oblique (2000), PricklyPear (2000, angular and angry), AtomicSushi.

The font WheresMarty by an unknown designer is named after the world-wide search for Marty. Where are you, Marty?

Free fonts at Fontspace: Freakout, Frankenstein, Atomic Sushi (1999, oriental simulation face), Manzanita (1990), Hill William (2011, brush face), Kris Kris (2000, gothic; an even sharper and more condensed version of Stiletto), Porpoise (1994, pixelish).

FontShop link. Moorstation link, where one can also find Calypso (1997, after Excoffon's Calypso, 1958), which Marty claims as not done by him. The Calypso typeface at that site was made by Martin Pfeiffer, in fact.

Klingspor link.

Marty Bee
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file name: Marty Bee Lafitte 2000

file name: Marty Bee Prickly Pear 2000

file name: Marty Bee Sangreal 1994

file name: Marty Bee Slasher 2000

file name: Marty Bee Tropicana 1994

file name: Marty Bee Wildside Plain 1994

file name: Marty Bee Slumgullion 1993

file name: Marty Bee Stiletto 2000

file name: Marty Bee Kris Kris 2000

file name: Marty Beee Kerouac 1994

file name: Marty Bee Galleon 200

file name: Marty Bee Atomic Sushi 1999

file name: Marty Bee Daytripper 1994

file name: Marty Bee Fat 1994

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