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Prototype-NY (was: Handcraftedfonts) [Jonathan Macagba]

Original fonts, clip art, signature fonts by New Yorker (and ex-Philadelphian) Jonathan Macagba, and Gregory La Vardera. Macagba used to run Handcraftedfonts, then Adcrobatics, and finally Prototype-NY. Most fonts are shareware. Look for Weather (great weather icons), Dotleaders, Talkballoons, Starburst, Rulesfont, Smileyface, MostlyWaves, MorseCodeFont, MetrolinerCaps (1994, Handcraftedfonts Co: an inline caps typeface), Instantlogo, Hobofont, Handyfont, Logofont, Freudfont, and Buncholines. Original, and high-quality creations!

Jonathan also made commercial fonts available via Phil's Fonts, such as the interesting Murder Mystery Font, EdoFont (great Japanese decoratives), Frankenfont, Frankenfont Careers, FunToUseFonts, HF American Diner (a 3d shadow typeface), Broadstreet, Exposition, Antique Row, Doodle, Libris (great!!!), Edofont (Japanese crests), Newgarden (more!!), and Poster.

At Umbrella Type, he published Exposition and Exposition Rounded (2004, a type revival influenced by an Italian poster designed by Leopoldo Metlicovitz in 1906 for the opening of the Simplon Tunnel), Libris (2004, a great and very clean revival of a 12th century Spanish script), and Poster (2004, partially influenced by Egon Schiele's hand-lettered poster for the 1918 Vienna Secession. He also makes custom fonts, logos and signatures.

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Prototype-NY (was: Handcraftedfonts)
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file name: Jonathan Macagba H F American Diner

file name: Jonathan Macagba Handyfont

file name: Jonathan Macagba Metroliner Caps 1994

file name: Jonathan Macagba Metroliner Caps 1994b

file name: Jonathan Macagba Metroliner Caps 1994c

file name: Jonathan Macagba Metroliner Caps 1994d

file name: Jonathan Macagba Mostly Waves

file name: Jonathan Macagba Smileyface

file name: Jonathan Macagba Talk Balloons

file name: Jonathan Macagba Weather

file name: Jonathan Macagba Weather

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