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Edward Johnston

Born in Uruguay in 1872, he died in the UK in 1944. A medical doctor, he taught all his life at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London and at the Royal College of Art in London. From 1910 until 1930, he designed fonts for the Cranach-Presse in Weimar, which was owned by Count Harry Kessler.

In 1916, he makes a typeface for the London Underground (helped by Eric Gill). Johnston's London Transport type was reworked by Colin Banks in his New Johnston (1979), and again in 2016 by Malou Verlomme at Monotype, on commission for Transport For London (TfL), as Johnston100.

Edward Johnston's fonts show a strong influence by Eric Gill: Hamlet-Type (1912-27, designed for a Shakespeare edition, Cranach Press, 1929), Imprint-Antiqua (with Gerard Meynell and J. H. Mason, 1913; +Imprint Shadow; digital forms exist at Monotype [Imprint MT], URW [Imprint URW, preferred over the MT version by some of my correspondents], SoftMaker [I771], and Bitstream [Dutch 766]), Johnston Sans Serif (1916).

A version of the London Underground typeface (1997) was digitized by P22 foundry. In 2007, P22 extended that typeface to a 21-style multilingual collection called P22 Underground Pro. At ITC, Dave Farey and Richard Dawson recreated a Johnston sans serif family with 3 weights, aptly called ITC Johnston. Nick Curtis created Underground NF in 1999. Jordan Davies called his revivals London Medium (2017) and London Heavy (2017). Many other designers aped Johnston's Underground as well. Hamlet, the almost-blackletter script, was revived by Manfred Klein and Petra Heidorn as HamletOrNot, and by Alexis Faudot and Rafael Ribas as Hamlet (2019). In 2012, Greg Fleming published Railway Sans as a free open source font at OFL. It is based upon Johnston's original drawings and work started by Justin Howes just before his death.

Edward Johnston is a book published by Priscilla Johnston (London, 1959). Author of Writing&illuminating,&lettering (1917, J. Hogg, London; original done in 1906). Writing Illuminating Lettering at Amazon.

Scans of some lettering by him: illuminations (1917), modernized half uncial (1906), Calligraphy by Johnston. Digital fonts based on alphabets from the 1906 book include Edward's Uncial 1904 (2011, David Kettlewell).

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Edward Johnston
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file name: Edward Johnston Railway Type Design 1914

file name: I T C I T C Johnston 2011

file name: P22 P22 London Underground 2011

file name: P22 P22 Underground Basic 2011

file name: P22 P22 Underground Pro 2011

file name: Richard Kegler P22 Underground

file name: Edward Johnston London Underground 1916b

file name: Edward Johnston London Underground 1916c

file name: David Kettlewell Edwards Uncial1904 2011

file name: Jordan Davies London Heavy 2017 228793

file name: Jordan Davies London Heavy 2017

file name: Edward Johnston Modernized half uncial 1906

file name: Edward Johnston Calligraphy

file name: Edward Johnston Calligraphy

file name: Monotype Imaging Imprint 2011

file name: U R W Imprint U R W 2011

file name: Imprint U R W

file name: Monotype Imaging Imprint 2011c

file name: Bitstream Dutch766 basedon Imprint

file name: Gerard Meynell John Henry Mason F. Ernest Jackson Edward Johnston Imprint M T 1913

file name: Edward Johnston Ditchling ca1920

file name: Greg Fleming Railway Sans 2012

file name: Greg Fleming Railway Sans 2012d

file name: Greg Fleming Railway Sans 2012e

file name: Edward Johnston London Underground 1916 1919

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