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TypeArt Foundry (or: Digiteyes Multimedia TypeArt Foundry) [Lloyd Springer]

TypeArt is the commercial foundry of Lloyd Springer (Vancouver), est. 1992. His typefaces from before 2003:

  • Bitmap fonts: CitymapRounded, LoveBytes, Letterstitch.
  • Comic book: Disorder, Scratchpad, Sideshow, Superhero, Verbal Cues, Balloons, Buffalo Joe, Frontline.
  • Western: Outlaw, Eastside.
  • Typewriter: Courier Ragged, Double Hitter, Firenza, Keystoned, Romanstone, Streetwise, Writing Machine, Firenza Text, Dear John.
  • Stencil: Mediocre, Boxcar.
  • Serif: Burlington (1997, roman caps only), Miracolo (2002, art nouveau), Saltzburg (1999, a bit art nouveau), Steinburg Modern, Sundance.
  • Script: Prints Charming, Sideshow, Dream Lover, Falcon Casual, Falcon Brushscript.
  • Fifties: Golden Age, Golden Day, Flingaling.
  • Monster: Braindead, Horror Show, Junglemania, Newman, Frankenstein, Frontline, Mixed Breed.
  • Label type: Dimeotype, Label Gun, Liteweit, Silverscreen (1998, a condensed sans ideal for movie credits), Total Disorder, Letterstitch.
  • Inline: Puzzler, Scratchpad, Steelyard.
  • Grunge: Amnesia, Bellamie, Bighead, Braindead, DeviantStrain, DoubleHitter, DoubleVision, Fingerprint, LabelGun, Meanstreak, Phantom, Poorsport, Social Menace, Streetwise, TotalDisorder, Mixed Breed, Tapeworm, Typochondriac.
  • Display and decorative fonts: Niteweit, PostIndustrial, Tolstoy (1996, art deco), WhatTheHell, Xheighter, Bossman, Eucaliptus (art deco), Fishboners, Strangelove (1999), Charbonne (art deco), Reerspeer (2002), Freakshow, Underground, Tipemite, Spaced Out, Sunday Best, Eye Doctor, Foreign Language, Hammerhead, Sidewalker, Wendy Woo, Post Industrial, Starship Command, Venus Envy.

The 2003 collection includes Natalian, Amusement, and Finders. MyFonts link. In 2007, MyFonts started selling his fonts: Amnesia, Bellamie, Bighead, Bossman, Boxcar, Buffalo Joe, Charbonne, Courier Ragged, Dead Zone, Dear John, Deviant Plain, Deviant Strain, DimeOtype, Disorder, Double Hitter, Double Vision, Dream Lover, Eastside, Eucaliptus, Eye Doctor, Falcon Brushscript, Falcon Casual, Frankenstein, Frontline, Golden Age, Golden Days, Horror Show, Junglemania, Keystoned, Label Gun, Letterstitch, Letterstitch Plain, Letterstitch Script, Liteweit, Miracolo, Outlaw, Prints Charming, Reerspeer, Romanstone, Saltzburg, Sidewalker, Silverscreen, Spaced Out, Starship Command, Steelyard, Strangelove, Sundance, Superhero, Tapeworm, Time Machine, Tolstoy, Typochondriac, Venus Envy, Verbal Cues, Writing Machine, Xheighter Condensed.

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TypeArt Foundry (or: Digiteyes Multimedia TypeArt Foundry)
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file name: Lloyd Springer Silverscreen 1998

file name: Lloyd Springer Burlington 1997

file name: Lloyd Springer Miracolo 2002

file name: Lloyd Springer Reerspeer 2002

file name: Lloyd Springer Saltzburg 1999

file name: Lloyd Springer Tolstoy 1996

file name: Lloyd Springer Tolstoy 1996b

file name: Lloyd Springer Eastside 2002

file name: Lloyd Springer Bossman

file name: Lloyd Springer Charbonne

file name: Lloyd Springer Charbonne

file name: Lloyd Springer Eucaliptus

file name: Lloyd Springer Firenza Text

file name: Lloyd Springer Wendy Woo

file name: Lloyd Springer Writing Machine

file name: Lloyd Springer Dream Lover

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