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Deniart Systems [Jan Koehler]

Great fonts for astrology, hieroglyphics, alchemy and the occult, by Toronto's Jan and Denise Koehler, mostly designed between 1993 and 1995. They moved to Litomerice and then Teplice, the Czech Republic, recently. MyFonts sells the fantastic Meso Americano dingbats, Hypnotica, AlchemySymbols (two fonts), BlackMagick, Border Twins (2010), CastlesShields, Curly Jane (2010), Cubista Geometrica (2010: op art), DaggersAlphabet, Dendera (ancient Egyptian Zodiac symbols), Dragons, Eggnog (2010), Fontazia Floradot (2012), Fontazia Papilio (2009), Fontazia Pop62 (2011, dingbats of flowers), Fontazia AquaFlorium (2010, fishtank dingbats), Fontazia Mazzo (2010, vases), Fontazia Stiletto (2011), Fontazia Y3K (2009, aliens), the Hieroglyph family (dingbats, really), Jolly Jester (2010, curly hand), MagiWriting, Meandros (2010, a paperclip design inspired by the Greek Key, or Fret, motif), Phaistos, Pocket Wrench (2010, octagonal), Polka Dot Wrench (2010), PowersofMarduk, Praha Deco (2010, inspired by the Prague art deco movement), the RongoRongo family (Easter Island script), SkeletonAlphabet, Sublimina, Superchunk, WhiteMagick, Yenda (2010, bold and angular).

List of font packages: Aglab, Alchemy Symbols, American Sign Alphabet, Ancient Writings Vol. 1, Ancient Writings Vol. 2, Angelica, The Astrologer Bundle, Astrologer, Aztec Day Signs, Black Magick, Braille Alphabet, Castles&Shields, Celestial Writing, Celtic Astrologer, Certar, Chinese Zodiac, Coptic Alphabet, Daggers Alphabet, Dendera, Dinosauria, Dragons, Egyptian Deities, Enochian Writing, Egypt. Hieroglyphics Vol 1, Egypt. Hieroglyphics Vol 2, Egypt. Hieroglyphics Vol 3, Egypt. Hieroglyphics Vol 4, Futhark, Greco, Hebrew Basic, Hypnotica, Magi Writing, Magick&Mystic, Malachim Writing, Masonic Writing, Maya Day Names, Maya Month Glyphs, Meso Americano, Meso Deko, Morse Code, Old Persian Cuneiform, Passing the River, Phaistos, Pike's Alphabets, Powers of Marduk, Sanskrit Writing, Semaphore Code, Signals&Signs, Skeleton Alphabet, Sublimina, Tengwanda Gothic, Tengwanda Namarie, Theban Alphabet, The Egyptologist, Tolkien Scripts, WhiteMagick, Skeleton Alphabet, Hebrew Basic, Sanskrit Writing. Note: I cannot find an entry for Jan Koehler at MyFonts, where all Deniart fonts are said to have been made by Denise Koehler.

Deniart Systems
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file name: Deniart Jolly Jester 2010

file name: Deniart Fontazia Papilio 2009

file name: Deniart Fontazia Papilio 2009b

file name: Deniart Fontazia Floradot 2012

file name: Deniart Fontazia Mazzo 2010

file name: Denise Koehler Rongo Rongo 1998

file name: Denise Koehler Rongo Rongo 1998b

file name: Denise Koehler Rongo Rongo A 1998

file name: Denise Koehler Rongo Rongo B 1998

file name: Denise Koehler Rongo Rongo C 1998

file name: Denise Koehler Rongo Rongo D 1998

file name: Deniart Fontazia Y3 K 2009b

file name: Deniart Fontazia Y3 K 2009c

file name: Deniart Fontazia Y3 K 2009d

file name: Deniart Praha Deco 2010b

file name: Deniart Eggnog2010

file name: Deniart Fontazia Pop62 2011

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