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Frank Lloyd Wright

American architect, artist and designer, b. Richland Center, WI, 1867, d. Phoenix, AZ, 1959. He was associated with the Arts and Crafts movement. His lettering inspired many to create typefaces based on them. The Frank Lloyd Wright museum is near the University of Chicago. He lived in Oak Park, IL, two blocks away from Luc Devroye's daughter. A partial list of fonts related to FLW:

  • David Siegel made P22 Eaglefeather (1994-1999) for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, which owns various manuscripts with his beautiful lettering. P22 made a few typefaces based on his hand.
  • Christina Torre (P22) created P22 FLLW Exhibition and P22 FLLW Terracotta in 2000, based on alphabets by Frank Lloyd Wright published in 1931 and in 1896-1897 (in his book The House Beautiful), respectively.
  • Paul Hunt made the P22 FLWW Midway font family in 2006, comprising Midway One, Two and Ornaments. This set is based on the lettering found on the Midway Gardens working drawings of Frank Lloyd Wright---tall-legged and casual.
  • There are several free fonts. For example, swiftw5 created the typeface Hendrikus Wijdeveld (2010), based on a Hendrikus Wijdeveld poster entitled Architecture Exhibition / Frank Lloyd Wright from 1931.
  • Funky Lloyd Wright (2002) by Kristian Walker (Eurekaville) is an experimental font based on Frank Lloyd Wright's ideas.
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Frank Lloyd Wright
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file name: P22 Frank Lloyd Wright Set

file name: David Siegel P22 Eaflefeather 1999b

file name: David Siegel P22 Eaflefeather 1999

file name: David Siegel P22 Eaglefeather Informal 2012

file name: David Siegel P22 Eaglefeather Pro Black 2012

file name: David Siegel P22 Eaglefeather Bold 1994

file name: Richard Kegler P22 Eaglefeather after Frank Lloyd Wright

file name: Christina Torre P22 F L L W Exhibition 2000 after Frank Lloyd Wright 1931

file name: Christina Torre P22 F L L W Terracotta 2000 after Frank Lloyd Wright 1896

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