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Chank Fonts -- Chankstore

[Charles R. Anderson]

Written by Luc Devroye
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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Foundry in Minnesota run by "Chank", who has been making fonts since 1992. Free fonts sub-page. Chank Diesel from Minneapolis (Charles Andermack in the NY Times and Charles R. Anderson, b. Edmonton, 1970, elsewhere) is Chank, the prolific designer. He runs Chank Fonts with Heidi Olmack ("El Mack de los Toros"). Earlier notices in his faces refer to CAKE Publications (2401 University Ave. NE, Mpls, MN 55418), Chank Foo, Schmopyright, and Exploding (PO Box 90100, San Diego, CA 92169). Bio by Susan Froyd. See also here or here or here or here. Handwriting font service for 95USD. 95 USD Go font Yourself font service based on filling out a form. Piece on Chank in the MinnPost. Chank is a popular and colorful figure who said this about himself: I like to drink a lot, and would like to think I'm known for it. Several of my fonts were inspired by booze, and I like to encourage other people to drink more, too. My best font is called Liquorstore.

A partial list of his faces:

  • 200proofmoonshineremix.
  • A: Adrianna (2004, a sans family), Ammonia, Anger-Prerelease, Asswipe, AsswipeDeluxxe, AztecPezRegular, Adrianna Extended (2005).
  • B: BabOonjaZzbaSsoOn, Badoni, Bastard, Bawdy, BawdyBoldItalic, BawdyItalic, the Blinctype pack (Gomorrah, Sodom, Golgotha, Hamilton Offset, Player Piano), Birthday Girl, Blinkers, Bonehead, Braingelt (gothic), Brainhead, Bric-A-Brac BV (2002), Bridie, Brieincarnation, Brubecks Cube (2004), Buckethead, ButtplugTaft, The BLINCtype Letterpress Fontpak (2004, commercial: Gideon, Golgotha, Gomorrah, Goshen, Hamilton Offset, Player Piano, Prospect Modern and Sodom), Billsville (T-26).
  • C: Chaloops (2005, comic book face), Chankbats Objects, Chankbats Critters (2001), Chankbats Flowers, Chankbats Flakes, Chankflakes (2002), ChauncyDecaf, ChauncyFatty, ChauncyPerkins, ChauncySnowman [this popular series from 1996-1998 is the first font family Chank ever made based on his own handwriting], Cheesewiddler, Chicken, ChickenBonus, Chippewa Falls (2005), Chub, Chumley (2002, first grade handwriting), Chunder (1996), Cleptomania, CollateralDamage, Corndog, CorndogClean, Coronette (2006, slab serif), Cosmic (1996), Couchlover97, CouchloverTruncata, CowboyRhumbahut (2000), CrotchlessTeddyRoosevelt, Crusti, CrustiEr, CrustiEst, CrustiWacky, CurbDog, Cookie Dough (2002), Cowboy Rhumbahaut (2000, Matt Frost).
  • D: DarlingNikki, Dekapot (2007), DickwhippedLincoln, DongCasual, Drunk Cowboy (T-26), Dry Cowboy (2006, Tuscan), Dutch-Oven, Dutch-Treat.
  • E: Easterbuns (2008, Ascender Corp: a signage face), EatpooChubby, EatpooSkinny, EatpooTall [note: the latter three fonts were renamed Eatwell], Evergreen.
  • F: Fatthinfog, Flutterby (2006, free), Fucker, FriskyFlakes (2004), Fastlab (by David Cushman), Fosho (2014).
  • G: Girl77, Glovebox, Goshen, Groovies-Normal.
  • H: Halebopp, Harvester 3D (2008), HelveticaInaHamper, Hermenaut, HieronymousBoschian, HildeSharpie, HipstersDelight, HooskerDont, HooskerDoo, Hoover, Hystrix, HystrixHystrax, HystrixHystraxBordex, HystrixHystraxSleestax.
  • I: Imastar, IndustrialSchizophrenic, Instructor, Isotope.
  • J: Jawbox, JawboxChanky, Jawbreaker, Jeffersonofabitch, Johnson, Jingles (with Mike Cina).
  • K: Kat Walk (geometric sans), Keester Black (2002), Kaiser, KlippyDingbats, Kraftwerk, KraftwerkNarrow, Kroozr, Kwikfont, Kegger (2007, a collegiate lettering face).
  • L: Lambretta, Laundry, Laundrette, Lavaman, LemonadeSpeedster, Liquor 3D, Liquorstore (1997, a squarish face; since 2005 also in OT as Liquorstore 3D), Luncheonette.
  • M: Mars (2007), Mantisboy, Marcusia, Metolurgy2typeindexcom, Mikrokoszmo, MinglerNipsy, MinglerRitzy, MinglerTipsy, Miss Amylin, MisterFrisky, MisterLincoln, Mister Twiggy (woodsy design), Monko-Blocky, Moonshine, MoonshineMurky, MC Auto (2002), McKraken.
  • N: NailedToTheCross, NapkinTheModern, Nicotine, Nicotine Jazz, Nomadic, Nube.
  • O: Ollivette and Ollivette Elite (old typewriter faces), Omnivore, Oooopsie (this 1997 font is just Helvetica with some circles dropped on top of it. The Helvetica trademark and Adobe copyright notices are still in the font!), OooopsieReverse, Ooopsie, Orbital, OrbusBjorkus, OrbusMultiserif.
  • P: Panefresco (2011, 16 styles---a free sans family), PHreAkKruSty, Panzer, Paregos, Parkway-Hotel, Parkway-Motel, Parkway-Resortotel, PhysicsAlpha, PhysicsBeta, PlasticLasso, Player Piano (old stencil), Poker Party (2003), Polaroid22, Porkshop (1997, based on immigrant Manhattan signage), PorkshopGoodluck, Portastat, Prickly, Professor Minty (2005, curly), ProletarianBeta, Prospect-Modern, Puckfont.
  • R: Redherring, RhumbaHut, Ribjoint, Rubble, Rosemary (2000-2001, T-26, a sign painters font).
  • S: Saltwater, Schwinger (2003, script face), Schwing Shift (2003), Shadowboxer, Shakopee, SharpieStylie, SisterFrisky, SkippySharpie, SaucyMillionaire, Snipple, SooperCosmic, SpaceKrafty, SpaceToaster, Spacesuit, Spunkflakes (2002), StarryFHope, Sundayluck, Sunflower (2006, distressed typewriter), Swingdancer (2002, a custom connected script font first made for P. Puff Company), Swister (2004), GFY Santa Script (2004), Skylab, Shatner, Sunshine (2000-2001, T-26, grunge).
  • T: Tabitha, Tacklebox, TackleboxFive, Thymesans, ThymesansItalic, Transam, Transam03 (2003, commercial version), Trucker.
  • U: Ultramagnetic (by Mike Cina), UncleStinky.
  • V: VenerealDisease, Venis (2002, big text family, T-26: reviewed by Hrant Papazian), Venis Small Caps (2004, T-26).
  • W: Westsac (2003), Whorn, Wichita, Woodrow, Wordy Diva (1995, based on the handwriting of Lisa Bralts).
  • Y: Yearling (2000).
  • Z: ZsazsaGalore.

At Ascender, where one can buy the mostly hand-printed faces Birthday Girl, Bleacher, Bobby Zee, Chauncy Decaf, Churros, Collateral Damage, Couchlover, Easterbuns, Loopy Fiesta, Mister Marker, Mister Twiggy, Prickly, Snowballs, Space Toaster, Tipsy, Twigdancer, Younger Than Me (2009, grunge).

Interview by MyFonts in 2011.

Chank Fonts -- Chankstore
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file name: Mike Cina Y W F T Ultramagnetic 1999

file name: Mike Cina Y W F T Ultramagnetic 1999b

file name: Chank Chauncy Pro 2008

file name: Chank Diesel Porkshop 1997

file name: Chank Diesel Porkshop Bold 1997

file name: Chank Porkshop 2011

file name: Chank Diesel Lisa Bralts Wordy Diva 1995

file name: Chank Venis 2011

file name: Chank Diesel Venis Bold 2001

file name: Chank Yearling 2011

file name: Chank Diesel Yearling Bold 2000

file name: Chris Hunt Andrea Mc Kay Chank Diesel Collateral Damage 1998

file name: Chank Diesel Braingelt

file name: Chank Diesel Buckethead

file name: Chank Diesel Collateral Damage

file name: Chank Diesel Cosmic

file name: Chank Diesel Cosmic 1996

file name: Chank Diesel H U G S Bold 2005

file name: Chank Diesel Kegger

file name: Chank Diesel Laundry

file name: Chank Diesel Liquorstore

file name: Chank Diesel Liquorstore 1997

file name: Chank Diesel Liquorstore3 D 1997

file name: Chank Diesel Professor Minty 2006b

file name: Chank Diesel Professor Minty

file name: Chank Diesel Ribjoint

file name: Chank Diesel Space Toaster

file name: Chank Diesel Sunshine

file name: Chank Diesel Spooooky 2011

file name: Chank Diesel Dry Cowboy 2010

file name: Chank Diesel marsfont 2007

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