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Omega Font Labs [Eric VanDycke]

Freeware fonts by Eric VanDycke from Warnerville, NY, aka Dr. Nimbus. Original and very very enjoyable creations from 1997-1998. The site was closed in March 1999, unfortunately! Thanks to CybaPee, you can download the whole collection now.

Typefaces: OmegaSwirls (a neat collection of spirals and swashes), Curbature (an earthy outline font), SpahrtyGirl (1998, a great curly typeface), Shamantics (music-inspired), Doodle Dudes of Doom (funny dingbats), BirthdayBats, Big Ham, Black Shirt Slime Trail, Bazzomba, Big Blocko, Androganamous, 52 Spheroids, Vadim'sHand, Tom'sWriting (nice), Kim'sHandwriting, Jennifer'sHand, Fanny's Treehouse, Chris's Handwriting, Armageddon, Awl Scrawl, Kim'sToons, Max's Handwriting, Frog Mess 1 (by Froggie), and Frog Dings 1 (by Froggie), Halloween Boosta, Blottooo, Border Bats, Death Valley, Runes of Omega, Retrobats, Pittoresk, Runes of the Dragon, Cthulhu Runes, the fantastic DocNimbusBats, SpaceWooziesExtraz, Oriental Patterns, OldTimeAdDings, MonsterMasher (to make a monster font), Monsters of Stone, Garden Dings, DaFunkBrothers, Cultural Icons, Celtic Patterns, Celtic Frames, Cerbature, Callallied, Callaxis, Asian Dings, 52 Sphereoids (very original), gothic hijinx (phenomenal!), Spazzz Caps, Oogie Boogies, XRayTid, XXonXXoff, SwampType, Speedy12, SlapHappy, Kaptain Kurk (OK font!), jaunty, GrungePuddles, Frankendork, Evil Signature, Elevator Buttons, Chewed Straw, Chilly Moe, 4 Star typeface Font, Amosis Technik, Space Woozies, Schizoid Trout, Halloween Border Bats, Bloody Stump (dripping blood face), BubblyFrog, Cathzulu (+Hollow, +Extraz), Chunk-o-Muffin, Kallamar, Lyarith (curlies!), PsiBorgZ, Purple Burple, and Quasidipitous.

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file name: Eric Van Dycke Callaxis 1997

file name: Eric Van Dycke Armageddon Industrial 1998

file name: Eric Van Dycke Asian Dings 1997

file name: Omega Labs Spahrty Girl 1998b

file name: Omegaabs Spahrty Girl 1998

file name: Eric Van Dycke Spazzz Caps 1997

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