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Fontworks (Japan)

Japanese type foundry. They write: Fontworks is a leading developer of Japanese fonts for desktop publishing. We are revolutionizing the way Japanese fonts are designed and produced with our ground-breaking, stroke based Kanji software tools. These tools automate much of the routine work associated with Japanese font production, enabling our designers to concentrate on development of new typefaces. A set of 24 Japanese fonts costs 14,000USD. Individual (one weight) fonts at 1000USD a shot. Their catalog includes:

  • The Lets Collection: FOT-AnitoStd, FOT-AnticCezannePro, FOT-AraletStd, FOT-BudoStd, FOT-CaratStd, FOT-CezanneBokutohPro, FOT-CezannePro, FOT-CezanneProN, FOT-ChiaroStd, FOT-CometStd, FOT-ComicMysteryStd, FOT-ComicReggaeStd, FOT-DotGothic12Std, FOT-DotGothic16Std, FOT-DotMincho12Std, FOT-DotMincho16Std, FOT-GMaruGoPro, FOT-GrecoStd, FOT-HoureiStd, FOT-HummingStd, FOT-KakureiStd, FOT-KleePro, FOT-KokinEdoStd, FOT-KokinHigeStd, FOT-KurokaneStd, FOT-LyraStd, FOT-MacaroniStd, FOT-ManyoGyoshoStd, FOT-ManyoKoinLargeStd, FOT-ManyoKoinStd, FOT-ManyoSoshoStd, FOT-MatisseElegantoPro, FOT-MatisseHatsuhiPro, FOT-MatisseMinoriPro, FOT-MatissePro, FOT-MatisseProN, FOT-MatisseVPro, FOT-MatisseWakabaPro, FOT-ModeMinAStd, FOT-ModeMinBStd, FOT-MysteryStd, FOT-NewCezannePro, FOT-NewCezanneProN, FOT-NewCinemaAStd, FOT-NewCinemaBStd, FOT-NewRodinPro, FOT-NewRodinProN, FOT-OedKtrStd, FOT-PopFuryStd, FOT-PopHappinessStd, FOT-PopJoyStd, FOT-RaglanStd, FOT-RailwayStd, FOT-RampartStd, FOT-RampartTLStd, FOT-ReggaeStd, FOT-RocknRollStd, FOT-RodinBokutohPro, FOT-RodinCamillePro, FOT-RodinCattleyaPro, FOT-RodinHappyPro, FOT-RodinHimawariPro, FOT-RodinMariaPro, FOT-RodinNTLGPro, FOT-RodinPro (2008), FOT-RodinProN, FOT-RodinRosePro, FOT-RodinWanpakuPro, FOT-RowdyStd, FOT-SeuratCapiePro, FOT-SeuratPro, FOT-SeuratProN, FOT-ShadowStd, FOT-ShadowTLStd, FOT-SkipStd, FOT-SlumpStd, FOT-SteelworkStd, FOT-StickStd, FOT-TsukuAMDMinStd, Tsukushi Antique Gothic, FOT-TsukuARdGothicStd (2010-2013: an Apple system font aka Tsukushi A Rounded Gothic), FOT-TsukuBMDMinStd, FOT-TsukuBRdGothicStd, FOT-TsukuGoPr5, FOT-TsukuGoPr5N, FOT-TsukuGoPro, FOT-TsukuMinPr5, FOT-TsukuMinPr5N, FOT-TsukuMinPro, FOT-TsukuOldMinPro, FOT-UtrilloPro.
  • The Lets Collection additions from 2013-2014: FOT-AokaneStd-EB, FOT-arcStd-R, FOT-BabyPopStd-EB, FOT-KafuTechnoStd-H, FOT-SkipStd, FOT-TelopMinPro, FOT-TsukuAntiqueLMinStd-L, FOT-TsukuAntiqueSMinStd-L, FOT-TsukuBMinPr6-L, FOT-TsukuBMinPr6N-L, FOT-TsukuCOldMinPr6-R, FOT-TsukuCOldMinPr6N-R, FOT-TsukuOldGothicStd-B, FOT-UDKakugo_LargePro, FOT-UDMarugo_LargePro, FOT-UDMinchoPro.
  • Kana fonts, such as the MinoriYaMat family (Kinichi Imada), the WakabaYaMat family (Kinichi Imada), the HatsuhiYaMat family (Kinichi Imada), the WanpakuRod family (Yutaka Sato), the HimawariRod family (Toshiyasu Sato).
Fontworks also markets Gaijimaster, software for oriental stroke-based fonts. Alternate URL. Opentype subpage.

Fontworks (Japan)
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file name: Fontworks Japan Catalog

file name: Fontworks F O T Telop Min Pro E 2008 2013

file name: Fontworks F O T Telop Min Pro E 2008 2013b

file name: Fontworks F O T Telop Min Pro E 2008 2013c

file name: Fontworks F O T Telop Min Pro E 2008 2013d

file name: Fontworks F O T arc Std R 2013

file name: Fontworks Tsukushi A Round Gothic Bold 2010 2013

file name: Fontworks Tsukushi A Round Gothic Bold 2010 2013b

file name: Fontworks Rodin D B 2008

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