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Utopiafonts [Dale Harris]

Dale Harris (from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia; was: Dale Thorpe) created some fun typefaces at Utopiafonts. The list of his typefaces: 42 (1998), A Blick for All Seasons, A Font for Erin, Avatar, Avatar Drawn, Avatar Serif, Azrael, Babelfish (1998), Bazaronite (1998), Bearpaw (multilined hand-printed), BearpawBats, Beware (2000), Birdman (2002), Chubble (1999 at Chankstore), Crayon, Dael (semi-calligraphic), der Damonschriftkegel (scribbly), Distortia, Empyra (at Chankstore), Everyday Formula, Font in a Red Suit, Frazzle (sketched font), Fred, Freya Neu, Harper, I hate Comic Sans (like Comic Sans, a very funny typeface dingbat font), Instant Soup Mix, Irrep, Korunishi (2002, tech font), Leningrad Disco, Loki Cola (a coca-cola style font; Dale calls himself "loki"), Luxo (neat handwriting), Made in China (oriental simulation font), Mael (vampire font), Nerve Tonic, Netherworld, Ninja Penguin, Octavio, Phoenix Sans (2002), Pigae, Pixel, Plain-o-matic, Playdough, Samba is Dead, Seraphim, Supersoulfighter, The Beautiful People, The Cowboy Font, The Guru Font (scribbly), The Monkies Ate My Soul (sans serif display), The Blick Font, Tolo (outline), TurbulenceRIPIkarus (grunge), Valkyro, Water Torture, Wentelteefje, Whutevur (at T26).

Alternate (older) URL. Link at 1001 Fonts. Link at Chankstore. Interview. Some files can be found here and here, but otherwise, Utopia is gone. Dafont link. Old URL.

Studio Ink: Based in Bendigo, Victoria with a range of clients locally, nationally and internationally, Studio Ink is a small dedicated team, Directors Leah Hartley and Dale Harris strive to deliver a complete suite of creative, branding and graphic design services and expertise combined with attentive personal service.

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file name: T26 Whutevur

file name: Dale Harris Loki Cola

file name: Dale Harris Utopia

file name: Dale Harris Frazzle

file name: Dale Harris I Hate Comic Sans

file name: Dale Harris Made In China

file name: Dale Harris Wardrobe Illustration 2013

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