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Nick Curtis: Commercial typefaces [Nick Curtis]

Nick Curtis (b. Chicago, 1948) lived in Texas from 1952-1997. Since 1997, he is in Gaithersburg, MD and Alexandria, MD. Since the 1990s, he has been designing fonts, first for free, and then commercially. He had a great reputation as a "revivalist" type designer, with a particular interest in retro fonts and art deco types. In 2003, his site had become too popular and too expensive to maintain, and thus he went commercial as Nick's Fonts. Interview. Free downloads at TypOasis. Complete list of names and other info, maintained by Sander de Voogt. Interview in which we learn about his fondness for Corel Draw as a type design tool. Home page. His free fonts are listed elsewhere.

On MyFonts, he says this about himself: Nick's Fonts is a modest little foundry dedicated to the preservation of our rich typographic heritage. Most of the foundry's designs are based on authentic historical sources, gleaned from the massive collections of the Library of Congress. If you are looking for a font that captures the essence of the Wild West, the Gay Nineties or the Jazz Age, look here first: if it is not in the catalog, it will be soon.

Nick Curtis: Commercial typefaces
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