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Graham Meade on font cloning

Graham Meade is an ozzie type designer who wrote this on March 10, 1999 on alt.binaries.fonts: " Don't know if anyone has been following the saga at Typoasis in regard to font police and clones. Well, I have nothing against people who 'kindly' email others letting them know that they have a copyrighted font available at their site. But in regard to clones, yes it is taking away customers, but is it illegal ? What is a clone. Well, a properly made clone is a font made from scratch (NOT USING THE ORIGINAL IN ANY WAY) that is similar to another font, therefore the work in the font is totaly original, not copied. That is not illegal. If so, then all the commercial foundries are in breach of a major amount of copyright. Imitation is used in every walk of life and nature. What about B grade films that are remarkably similar to a box office smash, I don't hear any screams about copyright. With literally thousands of font around, how many of them are just copies of another, and who has the right to determine this. Not those currently doing it! (As long as no part of an original font is used in the creation of another, there can be no copyright breach) If I wan't to make a font that is similar to another, I will. This is my site (http://members.tripod.com/grimbo2/gemfont.htm) and if I get an email about any of my fonts I will ignore them. I created them, so they are mine. If anyone wishes to copy them, go ahead, I would be flattered that someone found a font of mine somehow worthwhile. If my site mysteriously shuts down, well, lets just say payback will be a bitch for those found responsible."

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