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Anke Art [Anke Arnold]

Wernau (was: Wendlingen), Germany-based Anke Arnold's free fonts: aa QWERTZ-Tasten (2012: German keyboard font), aa Halftone (2012: texture face), aa Tafelschrift (2012, school font), Car Go Frame (2011), Car-Go Plain (2011, modeled after German license plate lettering), Typo Garden (2010, alphadings), 80er Teenie Demo (2009), Acki Preschool (2009), Just Another Stamp (2009), Firlefanz (2009, curly letters), Pixelstitch (2006), AnkeHand (2003), Hole-Hearted (2003, Gill Sans with hearts), KRITZEL (scratchy pen), MilkyWay, FrightNight, Eminenz (2002), Scribble, Skribus, Why, TooLazyToPractice, XXX, CheapInkkilledmyPrinter, Storch (alphadings), Alexandras-Stempelkasten, Anatevka-Caps, BulletMix, Catwalk, Duke, Dukeplus (2000, blackletter), Riddleprint, Anke-Print, AnkeCalligraph, Titanic, Wasser, butterbrotpapier, distracted-musician, dyslexic, manko, quixotic, verrutscht, zladdi, barcoded, BulletMix2, CAR-GO-2, Fortunaschwein (nice curly script; no punctuation or numbers), Round, BigBrothers&Sisters, BoringLesson, CrimesceneAfterimage, Incognitype (old typewriter), Jenna'sPopsicles, Japanese Brush (1996), Knuffig (2000), MonkyBusiness, Olympia2000, Samba, Dandelion, Kritzel (2003, scratchy hand), Krystal (2000, snow simulation typeface based on Gill Sans), Nervous, ParryHotter (2001, a Harry Potter blackletter face), Pffft, Tschiroki, Heart2Heart (heart alphadings), Anke Sans.

English page. For 10DM (5 USD), Anke will make your handwriting into a font! Alternate URL. Dafont link. Another link. Open Font Library link.

Anke Art
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file name: Anke Arnold Anke Hand 2003

file name: Anke Arnold Car Go 2011

file name: Anke Arnold Car Go 2011b

file name: Anke Arnold Knuffig 2000

file name: Anke Arnold Krystal 2000

file name: Anke Arnold Krystal 2000c

file name: Anke Arnold Wasser 2000

file name: Anke Arnold a Parry Hotter 2001

file name: Anke Arnold aa Halftone 2012

file name: Anke Arnold aa Tafelschrift 2012

file name: Anke Arnold Samba

file name: Anke Arnold Fortunaschwein

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