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Herbert Bayer

Austrian type designer and artist, 1900-1985. A very inflential artist, Bayer joined the Bauhaus in Weimar as a student in 1921, and was a professor ("young master" they called those ex-students who became professors) there from 1925-1928. Bayer was head of the workshop of Graphic Design and Printing at the Bauhaus school of architecture and art in Dessau. He fled Nazi Germany in 1938, and worked in New York until 1946 for such clients as Dorland International, Thompson, Wanamaker's, and developing exhibitions and general graphic design for large corporations. In 1946 he moved to Aspen, Colorado and continued as consultant to firms such as Container Corporation of America. He died in Montecito, near Santa Barbara, CA, in 1985. His typefaces include Universalschrift or Universal Alphabet (1925-1930) and Bayer-Type (for Berthold, 1930-1936). See also this image. He is best known for his unicase proposal (as in Universalschrift).

Dedicated web site. FontShop link. Picture. Klingspor link.

Revivals of his work:

  • At P22: P22 Bayer Fonetik (1997, Michael Want), P22 Bayer Shadow, P22 Bayer Universal.
  • By Jonathan Hill: WerkHaus (2008) is a 5-style revival.
  • Victory Type published Bayer Modern in 2009.
  • Nick Curtis: Debonair Inline NF (2008) expands Herbert Bayer's 1931 experimental, all-lowercase "universal modern face," Architype Bayer-Type, by adding an uppercase and adding an architectural inline treatment.
  • Paulo Heitlinger did Sturmblund (2008) and Bayer Condensed (2008).

Herbert Bayer
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file name: Herbert Bayer Bauhaus 1925 Poster by Subhakshi Seth 2017

file name: Herbert Bayer Bauhaus 1925 Poster by Andrew Nyomarga 2014

file name: Herbert Bayer Bauhaus 1925 Poster by Andrew Nyomarga 2014b

file name: Herbert Bayer Universalalphabet 1926

file name: Herbert Bayer Universal poster by Katie Bose

file name: Herbert Bayer Universalschrift

file name: Nick Curtis Debonair Inline N F 2008 after Herbert Bayer Universal Modern Face 1931 La Chica Poster by Stephanie Overmars 2016

file name: Herbert Bayer Pic

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