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Vincent Figgins

Influential typefounder, born in England, 1766-1844 (Peckham). He published several books of type specimens, and designed Gresham (1792), Old English (1815), Figgins Shaded (1816), Figgins Tuscan (1817, digitized by HiH (2005)), Egiziano Black (1815) and Egyptian (1817). His slab serifs such as Egiziano served as a model for Ale Navarro's LC Merken (2019).

Giza (Font Bureau, 1994) is a revival by David Berlow of the latter face.

Among the Gaelic typefaces he designed, we mention the later transitional angular typeface called Early Figgins by Michael Everson (ca. 1815), and the Gaelic modern angular typeface Everson calls Later Figgins. The latter typeface resurfaces ca. 1913 as Intertype and Intertype Bold (designer unknown), with versions at ATF (ca. 1916) and Linotype (ca. 1916), and as Monotype Series 24a (ca. 1906, which according to Everson was recast in 1913 by Michael O'Rahilly, and digitized in 1993 as Duibhlinn).

Finally, Figgins's work from 1815 and 1817 inspired Matthew Carter's Elephant (1992), also called Big Figgins and Big Figgins Open (1998).

Another digitization is Figgins Antique by Tom Wallace.

Scans: Sample of the Figgins type from Hardiman's "Irish Minstrelsy", Two-Line Pearl Outline (1833).

Epitome of Specimens by V.&J. Figgins was published in London in 1866. Vincent Figgins Type Specimens 1801 and 1815. Reproduced in facsimile. Edited with an introduction and notes by Bernard Wolpe was published in 1967 in London by the Printing Historical Society.

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Vincent Figgins
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file name: Figgins Two Line Pearl Outline 1833

file name: David Berlow Giza

file name: Tom Wallace Figgins Antique after Vincent Figgins

file name: V Figgins French Canon No1

file name: Matthew Carter Elephant 1992 Poster by Maria Jose Galo 2019

file name: Matthew Carter Elephant 1992 Poster by Eylul Camdere 2016

file name: Matthew Carter Elephant 1992 Poster by Isamar Noguera 2016

file name: Matthew Carter Elephant 1992 Poster by Lais Zanocco 2019

file name: Vincent Figgins 16 Lines Pica

file name: Vincent Figgins Five Lines Pica

file name: Vincent Figgins Five Lines Pica No1

file name: Vincent Figgins Four Lines Pica

file name: irish figgins

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