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Flashfonts [Leslie Cabarga]

Flashfonts is Zavier Leslie Cabarga's Los Angeles-based foundry. Leslie Cabarga is a baby boomer from New Jersey and author of The Lettering and Graphic Design of F.G. Cooper, the Illustrator/Fontographer/Fontlab resource book, Logo Font&Lettering Bible (2004), and Learn Fontlab Fast (2004, with Adam Twardoch). He runs Leslie Cabarga Design in Los Angeles. His lettering prowess is apparent in this drive-in sign for "Betty Boop's Drive-In" (which inspired Nick Curtis to make Drive-Thru NF), FontShop link. MyFonts link.

Leslie Cabarga's typefaces:

  • Raceway (1995), a famous retro script.
  • Casey (2007), a fat-bottomed script at Font Bureau.
  • Streamline. Another fifties diner or Chevrolet grille font.
  • Kobalt and Kobalt Kartoon (at Font Bureau), great for displays.
  • Ojaio, a beautiful art deco font.
  • Central Station, an original display face.
  • The retro script Magneto.
  • Neon Stream (1995, Font Bureau). Connected retro nightclub letters.
  • Peace: an original psychedelic 60s font based on an alphabet copyright 1997 by Wes Wilson, creator of the classic 1960s Fillmore Poster Lettering style; see here.
  • Saber (2002), a mix of uncial, Fraktur, gothic and Exocet.
  • Love, a psychedelic 60s font also based on Wes Wilson's lettering. In Solid, Open and Stoned styles. At Font Bureau, 1997.
  • Esselte's Cabarga Cursiva. Cabarga Cursive was jointly designed in 1982 by Leslie Cabarga and his father Demetrio.
  • Cocoanut, Grassy Knoll, Straight Light, Straight Medium, Rocket (1995), Progressiv, Cymbal Regular, Dotcom Medium, Generik Regular, Graffiti Regular, Angle, Badtyp, Haarlem (2000), Margarete, Primitiv, Progressiv, Rocket, Rocket Gothic, Straight, Bellbottom, Hihat, Baseball. Jo the Webmistress on Cabarga.

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file name: Leslie Demetrio Cabarga Cabarga Cursive Letraset Version 1982

file name: Leslie Demetrio Cabarga Cabarga Cursive Letraset Version 1982b

file name: Leslie Cabarga Pic

file name: Flashfonts Love Solid

file name: Leslie Cabarga Casey Ultra 2007

file name: Leslie Cabarga Casey Classic 2003 2007

file name: Leslie Cabarga Neon Stream 1995

file name: Leslie Cabarga Neonstream 1995

file name: Leslie Cabarga Haarlem 2000

file name: Leslie Cabarga Kobalt 2007

file name: Leslie Cabarga Kobalt 2007b

file name: Leslie Cabarga Magneto Bold 1995

file name: Leslie Cabarga Raceway 1995

file name: Leslie Cabarga Rocket 1995

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