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Jelle Bosma

Jelle Bosma (b. Rijswijk, The Netherlands, 1959) studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and. like many of his contemporaries, was influenced by Gerrit Noordzij. He works from a studio near The Hadue, and designs type, programs font tools, hints, and produces type. His typefaces:

  • He created WTC Cursivium (1986, World Typeface Center).
  • He was one of the main type designers at Scangraphic from 1988-1991, where he designed Forlane in 1991.
  • Bosma joined Monotype in 1992. His role was to oversee TrueType® production and hinting. One of Bosma's first projects for the company's UK office was to manage the production of Greek and Cyrillic core fonts for the Windows® 3.1 operating system. Known for his work with non-Latin typefaces, Bosma has produced fonts for Hebrew, Thai, Arabic and Indic scripts. He relies a lot on his own software, including a truetype font editor called FontDame. He also claims that there are no more than 25 professional hinters world-wide. Alternate URL.
  • Bosma was part of the team that developed corporate identity typefaces for Nokia. Launched in 2002, the Nokia types include sans, serif, and bitmap versions in varying weights. The Nokia fonts are used for everything from architectural signage and printed brochures to screen type for phones and other devices.
  • In 2004, he created the OpenType family Cambria for Microsoft's ClearType project.

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Jelle Bosma
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