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Stephen Coles

Aka Stewf. Creator of the Mac version of "Monica", Andy Crewdson's digitization of Monica Lewinsky's handwriting (in notes she wrote for Bill Clinton). He also made Eerostyle (2008) with FontStruct, a parody of Eurostyle. Other fonts there include Pebble Soft, Pebble, Morricone (Far West spoof), Leaflet Gap (kitchen tile), Varsity (athletic lettering), MinimalBloc Gap (kitchen tile), WPA Gothic and WPA Gothic Deco (poster typefaces inspired by posters produced in the 1930s by FDR's WPA (Works Progress Administration) such as this one; similar poster types would include Futura Display, Tourist Gothic, FF Moderne Gothics, Refrigerator, and MVB Solano Gothic), Leaflet Wide Stem, Leaflet Stem and Leaflet. Links to his fonts there: eerostyle, leaflet, leaflet_gap, minimalbloc_gap, morricone, pebble_1, pebble_soft, varsity.

Stephen was a Utah-based graphic designer who used to design layouts for the USLC Chronicle. A typeface identifier with an encyclopedic mind, he runs the successful and lively type blog Typographica with Joshua Lurie-Terrell, Matthew Bardram and Patric King. He was Type Director at FontShop San Francisco from 2004-2010. Stephen is now a writer and typographic consultant, doing work for a variety of foundries and design studios.

Author of The Anatomy of Type: A Graphic Guide to 100 Typefaces (2012, Harper Design) and The Geometry of Type: The Anatomy of 100 Essential Typefaces (2013, Thames & Hudson, UK). Amazon link.

Speaker at ATypI 2017 Montreal.

Stephen Coles
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file name: Stephen Coles W P A Gothic 2008 Poster by Bill Dawson 2015

file name: Stephen Coles The Geometry Of Type Cover 2013

file name: Stephen Coles The Anatomy Of Type 2012

file name: Stephen Coles The Anatomy Of Type 2013b

file name: A Typ I2015 Stephen Coles Photo by Luke Garcia Andre Hawk

file name: A Typ I2015 Stephen Coles Photo by Luke Garcia Andre Hawk

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