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Isay Solomonovich Slutsker

Russian type designer (b. Orel, Russia, 1924, d. 2002). He lost both legs in World War II, but persevered and graduated in 1949 from the Moscow Printing Institute. He started working at the Type Design Department of VNIIPoligraphmash (National Printing Research Institute). From 1991 he worked for ParaType, Moscow. Isay Slutsker worked for major Soviet publishers, Khudozhestvennaya Literatura and Prosveshcheniye, designing and illustrating general fiction literature and textbooks. Slutsker designed many typefaces for a number of scripts and writing systems. Among his Cyrillic and Latin designs are Baltica (1951-2, a spin-off of Candida-Antiqua by Jakob Erbar; in co-operation with Vera Chiminova; Paratype did a revival in 1998); Bruskovaya Gazetnaya ('Slab-serif newstype', 1949; in co-operation with Alexandra Korobkova); Mysl (1986, a makeover of the typeface originally created by Vera Chiminova in 1966); PT Caslon (1962 and 1992, a version of the ATF Caslon; assisted by Tatiana Lyskova and Manvel Shmavonyan; also called Caslon 540); ITC Franklin Gothic Cyrillic (1993; assisted by Tatiana Lyskova); PT BT Humanist 531 Cyrillic (1988, based on the Bitstream version of Syntax, by Hans Eduard Meier; assisted by Manvel Shmavonyan); PT BT Geometric Slabserif 712 (1999, based on the Bitstream version of Monotype Rockwell; assisted by Manvel Shmavonyan); MyslNarrowC (1992-1996, at Intermicro, together with Svetlana Ermolaeva and Emma Zfcharova). Slutsker's Greek typefaces are Obyknovennaya Novaya ('New Standard', 1950s); Rublenaya Slutskera ('Slutsker Sans'; 1960s); Chronos (1980s). Isay Slutsker created several typefaces for Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati and Kannada. He designed two Amharic and one Hangul typeface, Inmin. Slutsker's Humanist 531 Cyrillic was among the winners of Kyrillitsa'99 and won an award at Bukvaraz 2001.

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Isay Solomonovich Slutsker
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file name: Isay Slutsker Svetlana Yermolayeva Emma Zakharova Mysl 1986

file name: I M Slutsker M Shmavonyan Caslon540 Bold 2002

file name: I M Slutsker M Shmavonyan Caslon540 Italic Cyrillic 2002

file name: I M Slutsker M Shmavonyan Caslon540 Roman 2002

file name: Isay Slutsker Caslon540 B T Paratype 2001

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