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Typoasis output before 2001 [Manfred Klein]

These are all free creations: Aftermath Manhattan, Aida Oops, Airdried Parma Font, Aliens, Amazon, AnthroPosoph, Architypo, Bullets 1+2, Casual Stencil, Cats, Circle Initials Freestyle, ClassiCaps, Claudius Imperator, Creepy, DisProporz, Dizzy, Eagle Konfetti, Feathered, First TypoManiacs, Flying Carpets, Furioso, Glitter, Glyptographs, Grid Exercise, Grid Scribbles, Headbirth (a great font with caricatures of men composed of deformed letters only), Headfeeter, Headfeeter 3, Hello Mr Pharao, IntourisTiqua, Kenzotiqua, Kidge&KidgeBoxes, Kleins BinAerfabet, Kleins First Bricks, Kleins Moons, Kleins Pharao I+II, Kleins Round Fragments, Kleins Sausages, Kleinsan (Japanese letterform simulation), Klill For Typesetters, Linoleu, Mannes Heads, MK Bats, MKonstrukTshirts, MutanTrios, My Nippon, Neu Gothic, Old Roman Klein, Oli Klein Bats (drawing by Manfred's son, 2001), Papercuts, Petra Font, Pointilism, Pompeji, Rainy Day, Remember Manhattan, Remember Scribbled Type?, Roots Koch Three, Rosett Klung, Sailing Strong Breeze, Sanstencil, Scribbled Astrobats, ScribbleDoni, SternenHimmel, Total Floral, Uncial Virtual, Uncitron Swinging Bold, Xmas Gingerbread, Grid Zebra, RuniK100-Bold, RuniKleinFreeform (2001, great simulated runes), Brix Round, AZ-Fusione, ClassiCaps Xmas, AngloSaxon, Betonia, Was A Screenfont, Kleins First Script, PetriFree, Aida Serif, Roaring Twenties, RoaringTwenties 2, TypeWriters Substitute, Free Bradbury, Twiggy, Arrowbix, Solunciale, Dada's Traces, AppleWine, Sumo Heavy, Petit San, Sketch Cameos Round, NipponToon, CrazyTimes, Give Euro A Face, Kids Kas, DymoFontInvers, K-Neptuns, Smile And Train, Free Bradbury Sans, Funny Faces, PointerSisters, Kritzel One, Quick Greek, Kleins Heraldry Box, Mercato Light+Bold, Silhous, Vertigo, CircleSigns, Warum 2001, MKlammeraffen, Dillefanten, Hallelujah, OhRosetta, Backgrounders, Cave AB, Broken ABC, XPFourTwoContour Medium, Karlas 1st Font, Frogs And Men, Pixel Nonsens, Latin Lovers Runes, Roundheads, Wacbats, CalliPsoGrafia, Typeface Eggs, Gourmet Icons, Hacke It!, Square Heads, FroxXMedium, FirstBricksMirored, Sportive, WacbatsItalic, MKartuhns, Typos, Free People, OliJo Sans Italic, FlyingSwimming, Clone Products, OliJo, Gutenbergs Traces.

Typoasis output before 2001
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Manfred Klein ⦿ Modern style [Bodoni, Didot, Walbaum, Thorowgood, Computer Modern, etc.] ⦿ Typefaces with arrows ⦿ Uncial typefaces ⦿ Cutout or paper-cut typefaces ⦿

file name: Manfred Klein Aida Serif Oblique Medium 2003

file name: Manfred Klein Roaring Twentie Nine 2004

Luc Devroye ⦿ School of Computer Science ⦿ McGill University Montreal, Canada H3A 2K6 ⦿ lucdevroye@gmail.com ⦿ http://luc.devroye.org ⦿ http://luc.devroye.org/fonts.html