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Charles Bud Braman

Lettering artist and typeface designer, who worked for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City for 26 years, retiring in 2002. He lived from 1938-2004, and created many calligraphic script letterforms and typefaces. Jill Bell writes: Scarcely a soul outside of the Hallmark lettering and typography department is aware of the large body of lovely, skilled typographic work you have done because the fonts are proprietary. And Bud was a quiet sort of guy. Bud had hoped to produce fonts of his own when he retired but unfortunately the grim reaper quickly arrived. Quite unfortunate for the type world. I know the Hallmark lettering and type department really misses having Bud's talents and knowledge available to them because they truly understood what he contributed and appreciated it." And Calvert Guthrie wrote: "Bud was enormously generous with his understanding of font design and I know no one who had a better grip on making script ligatures work. Bud was doing it elegantly back in the days we were setting up linking ligatures for film fonts on Linotype VIP. We only had 18 increments for spacing refinement and this was made even tougher by script's particularly small x-height. His caps and his card captions were outstanding. Many of the short cuts we still use these days here at Hallmark were first developed by Bud Braman. Some of his work appeared in Michael Clark's Scripsit last year [2003].

Some of his typefaces at Hallmark include TwizotHmk (1999, with John Dawbarn), HogwartsWizard (2002, based on style by Connie Smiley, commissioned by Warner Brothers).

Picture by Jill Bell.

Charles Bud Braman
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