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Richard Yeend

British cartoon designer and type designer (b. London, 1945), who lives in Fourqueux, France. He has redesigned the The Boston Herald American, the International Herald Tribune and Die Welt. In addition, he has been Art Director for The New York Times and the European edition of The Wall Street Journal. Images of some of Richard Yeend's typefaces. Agfa/Monotype designer of Abbot Uncial, Acorn, Bangor, Broad Street, Comix, Honerswerda (Fraktur), Saxony Script, Ski Gothic (Fraktur), Xmas and Maidenhead (2001). At Linotype, he made Plantagenet, Achispado, Bandolero, Linotype Buckingham Fraktur (2002, part of TakeType 4), Linotype Richmond Fraktur, Hoyerswerda Fraktur (Agfa) and Linotype Richmond Zierschrift (2002). In 2003, as part of Linotype's Taketype 5 collection, he published Achispado LT, AmherstFraktur LT Std Bold, AmherstFraktur LT Std Heavy, AmherstFraktur LT Std Regular, AmherstGothicSplit LT Std It, AmherstGothicSplit LT Std Rg, AmherstGothicSplit LT Std RgAlt, Anasdair LT Std Bold, Anasdair LT Std BoldAlt, Anasdair LT Std Regular, Anasdair LT Std RegularAlt (2003), Bandalero LT Std, BurgstaedtAntiqua LT (Regular, Italic: with deformed letters, this is in the necrocock style), Hawkhurst LT Std Bold (2003, after a typeface by Albert Kapr), Hawkhurst LT Std BoldItalic, Hawkhurst LT Std Italic, Hawkhurst LT Std Regular, Hawkhurst LT Std RegularAlt, Hawkhurst LT Std RegularSC, Italienne LT Std (a true Western face), NeuseidlerAntiqua LT Std Bd, NeuseidlerAntiqua LT Std BdAlt, NeuseidlerAntiqua LT Std Hv, NeuseidlerAntiqua LT Std HvAlt, NeuseidlerAntiqua LT Std Rg, NeuseidlerAntiqua LT Std RgAlt. The Neuseidler family has art nouveau influences.

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Richard Yeend
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file name: Fraktur linotype Richmond Fraktur

file name: Richard Yeend Broadstreet

file name: Richard Yeend Linotype Hawkhurst 2003 after Albert Kapr

file name: Richard Yeend Neuseidler 2002

file name: Richard Yeend Neuseidler Antiqua 2002

file name: Richard Yeend Achispado 2003

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