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CM-Super font package [Vladimir Volovich]

CM Super is a huge type 1 family of fonts released under the GNU license by Vladimir Volovich in October 2001. For the cognoscenti: The CM-Super package contains Type 1 fonts converted from METAFONT fonts and covers entire EC/TC and LH fonts (Computer Modern font families). All European and Cyrillic writings are covered. Each Type 1 font program contains ALL glyphs from the following standard LaTeX font encodings: T1, TS1, T2A, T2B, T2C, X2, and also Adobe StandardEncoding (585 glyphs per non-SC font and 468 glyphs per SC font), and could be reencoded to any of these encodings using standard dvips or pdftex facilities (the corresponding support files are also included). Fonts were created using TeXtrace (based on AutoTrace and Ghostscript), t1utils and a bunch of Perl scripts, and were optimized and hinted using FontLab 3.1. The set of UniqueID values was registered at Adobe. Each font shape comes in 14 font sizes ranging from 5pt to 35.83pt (or 11 font sizes for typewriter fonts ranging from 8pt to 35.83pt). The developers offer this overview:

The list of provided font shapes is included below: rm, Modern Roman sl, Modern Slanted ti, Modern Italic cc, Modern Caps and Small Caps ui, Modern Unslanted Italic sc, Modern Slanted Caps and Small Caps ci, Modern Classical Serif Italic bx, Modern Bold Extended bl, Modern Bold Extended Slanted bi, Modern Bold Extended Italic xc, Modern Bold Extended Caps and Small Caps oc, Modern Bold Extended Slanted Caps and Small Caps rb, Modern Roman Bold bm, Modern Roman Bold Variant ss, Modern Sans Serif si, Modern Sans Serif Slanted sx, Modern Sans Serif Bold Extended so, Modern Sans Serif Bold Extended Slanted tt, Modern Typewriter st, Modern Typewriter Slanted it, Modern Typewriter Italic tc, Modern Typewriter Caps and Small Caps vt, Modern Variable Width Typewriter vi, Modern Variable Width Typewriter Italic dh, Modern Dunhill Roman fb, Modern Fibonacci Medium fs, Modern Fibonacci Slanted ff, Modern Funny Roman fi, Modern Funny Italic Each font shape comes in 14 font sizes ranging from 5pt to 35.83pt (or 11 font sizes for typewriter fonts ranging from 8pt to 35.83pt). Also, the following 13 one-sized font shapes are included, Computer Modern SliTeX Sans Serif Quotation sfli8, Modern SliTeX Sans Serif Quotation Inclined sflb8, Modern SliTeX Sans Serif Quotation Bold sflo8, Modern SliTeX Sans Serif Quotation Bold Oblique sfltt8, Modern LaTeX Typewriter isflq8, Modern SliTeX Sans Serif Quotation Invisible isfli8, Modern SliTeX Sans Serif Quotation Inclined Invisible isflb8, Modern SliTeX Sans Serif Quotation Bold Invisible isflo8, Modern SliTeX Sans Serif Quotation Bold Oblique Invisible isfltt8, Modern LaTeX Typewriter Invisible sfsq8, Modern Sans Serif Quotation sfqi8, Modern Sans Serif Quotation Inclined sfssdc10, Modern Sans Serif Demi Condensed Also, the following 14 fonts from Computer Modern Concrete family are included (font file names correspond to the scheme used in EC Concrete fonts), .. sform10, Modern Concrete Roman sfosl5 .. sfosl10, Modern Concrete Slanted sfoti10, Modern Concrete Italic sfocc10, Modern Concrete Caps and Small Caps Also, the following 19 fonts from Computer Modern Bright family are included (font file names correspond to the scheme used in European Computer Modern Bright fonts), Computer Modern Bright Roman sfbmo{8,9,10,17}, Modern Bright Oblique sfbsr{8,9,10,17}, Modern Bright Semibold sfbso{8,9,10,17}, Modern Bright Semibold Oblique sfbbx10, Modern Bright Bold Extended sfbtl10, Modern Typewriter Light sfbto10. Modern Typewriter Light Oblique Fonts were created using TeXtrace (based on AutoTrace and Ghostscript), t1utils and a bunch of Perl scripts, and were optimized and hinted using FontLab 3.1. The set of UniqueID values was registered at Adobe. We use AGL compliant glyph names when possible (there are some glyphs which are neither present in AGL nor in Unicode). It should also be noted that the fonts use precise (non-integer) glyph widths which better match the TFM widths than just rounding to the nearest integer. These widths are generated using the best approximation (based on continued fractions) with the denominator not exceeding 107 to fit in 1 byte in CharString. Apparently, such subtle technique was used first in BSR/Y&Y CM fonts. I'd like to thank Peter Szabo for TeXtrace, Martin Weber for AutoTrace, and FontLab Ltd. for providing a copy of FontLab. It should be noted that while creating these fonts we intentionally and on principle used only automatic methods which do not require font designers talents. The aim was to use TOTALLY automatic conversion of METAFONT fonts to Type 1 format, automatic optimization and hinting, with the best achievable quality of final Type 1 fonts, to be able to re-generate the fonts if necessary (e.g., when a new version of original METAFONT fonts will be released). Undoubtedly, there are fields for improvement of this approach, which we will use in future versions of the fonts, but even now the fonts seem to look and print quite good (we hope :-). It appears that careless approach to FontLab's optimization and auto-hinting facilities could lead to loss of quality of the original font (some glyph shapes could be broken), so we used the most precise optimization, and hope that optimized and hinted fonts are indeed better than original traced fonts (also, they are significantly smaller in size). So far, we did not find any bugs in optimized fonts. There are 434 Type 1 outline fonts (*.pfb) in the CM-Super font set, and they cover 2536 TeX fonts!

Read about the package in CM-Super: Automatic creation of efficient Type 1 fonts from METAFONT fonts (Vladimir Volovich, TUGBoat, 24(1):75-78, 2003). The font names: ISFLB8, ISFLI8, ISFLO8, ISFLQ8, ISFLTT8, SFBBX10, SFBI0500, SFBI0600, SFBI0700, SFBI0800, SFBI0900, SFBI1000, SFBI1095, SFBI1200, SFBI1440, SFBI1728, SFBI2074, SFBI2488, SFBI2986, SFBI3583, SFBL0500, SFBL0600, SFBL0700, SFBL0800, SFBL0900, SFBL1000, SFBL1095, SFBL1200, SFBL1440, SFBL1728, SFBL2074, SFBL2488, SFBL2986, SFBL3583, SFBM0500, SFBM0700, SFBM0900, SFBM1000, SFBM1095, SFBM1200, SFBM1440, SFBM1728, SFBM2074, SFBM2488, SFBM2986, SFBM3583, SFBMO10, SFBMO17, SFBMO8, SFBMO9, SFBMR10, SFBMR17, SFBMR8, SFBMR9, SFBSO10, SFBSO17, SFBSO8, SFBSO9, SFBSR10, SFBSR17, SFBSR8, SFBSR9, SFBTL10, SFBTO10, SFBX0500, SFBX0600, SFBX0700, SFBX0800, SFBX0900, SFBX1000, SFBX1095, SFBX1200, SFBX1440, SFBX1728, SFBX2074, SFBX2488, SFBX2986, SFBX3583, SFCC0500, SFCC0600, SFCC0700, SFCC0800, SFCC0900, SFCC1000, SFCC1095, SFCC1200, SFCC1440, SFCC1728, SFCC2074, SFCC2488, SFCC2986, SFCC3583, SFCI0500, SFCI0600, SFCI0700, SFCI0800, SFCI0900, SFCI1000, SFCI1095, SFCI1200, SFCI1440, SFCI1728, SFCI2074, SFCI2488, SFCI2986, SFCI3583, SFDH0500, SFDH0600, SFDH0700, SFDH0800, SFDH0900, SFDH1000, SFDH1095, SFDH1200, SFDH1440, SFDH1728, SFDH2074, SFDH2488, SFDH2986, SFDH3583, SFFB0500, SFFB0600, SFFB0700, SFFB0800, SFFB0900, SFFB1000, SFFB1095, SFFB1200, SFFB1440, SFFB1728, SFFB2074, SFFF0900, SFFF1000, SFFF1095, SFFF1200, SFFF1440, SFFF2488, SFFI0900, SFFI1000, SFFI1095, SFFI1200, SFFI1440, SFFI1728, SFFI2074, SFFS0500, SFFS0600, SFFS0700, SFFS0800, SFFS0900, SFFS1000, SFFS1095, SFFS1200, SFFS1440, SFFS1728, SFFS2074, SFIT0800, SFIT0900, SFIT1000, SFIT1095, SFIT1200, SFIT1440, SFIT1728, SFIT2074, SFIT2488, SFLB8, SFLI8, SFLO8, SFLQ8, SFLTT8, SFOC0500, SFOC0600, SFOC0700, SFOC0800, SFOC0900, SFOC1000, SFOC1095, SFOC1200, SFOC1440, SFOC1728, SFOC2074, SFOC2488, SFOC2986, SFOC3583, SFOCC10, SFORM10, SFORM5, SFORM6, SFORM7, SFORM8, SFORM9, SFOSL10, SFOSL5, SFOSL6, SFOSL7, SFOSL8, SFOSL9, SFOTI10, SFQI8, SFRB0500, SFRB0600, SFRB0700, SFRB0800, SFRB0900, SFRB1000, SFRB1095, SFRB1200, SFRB1440, SFRB1728, SFRB2074, SFRB2488, SFRB2986, SFRB3583, SFRM0500, SFRM0600, SFRM0700, SFRM0800, SFRM0900, SFRM1000, SFRM1095, SFRM1200, SFRM1440, SFRM1728, SFRM2074, SFRM2488, SFRM2986, SFRM3583, SFSC0500, SFSC0600, SFSC0700, SFSC0800, SFSC0900, SFSC1000, SFSC1095, SFSC1200, SFSC1440, SFSC1728, SFSC2074, SFSC2488, SFSC2986, SFSC3583, SFSI0500, SFSI0600, SFSI0700, SFSI0800, SFSI0900, SFSI1000, SFSI1095, SFSI1200, SFSI1440, SFSI1728, SFSI2074, SFSI2488, SFSI2986, SFSI3583, SFSL0500, SFSL0600, SFSL0700, SFSL0800, SFSL0900, SFSL1000, SFSL1095, SFSL1200, SFSL1440, SFSL1728, SFSL2074, SFSL2488, SFSL2986, SFSL3583, SFSO0500, SFSO0600, SFSO0700, SFSO0800, SFSO0900, SFSO1000, SFSO1095, SFSO1200, SFSO1440, SFSO1728, SFSO2074, SFSO2488, SFSO2986, SFSO3583, SFSQ8, SFSS0500, SFSS0600, SFSS0700, SFSS0800, SFSS0900, SFSS1000, SFSS1095, SFSS1200, SFSS1440, SFSS1728, SFSS2074, SFSS2488, SFSS2986, SFSS3583, SFSSDC10, SFST0800, SFST0900, SFST1000, SFST1095, SFST1200, SFST1440, SFST1728, SFST2074, SFST2488, SFST2986, SFST3583, SFSX0500, SFSX0600, SFSX0700, SFSX0800, SFSX0900, SFSX1000, SFSX1095, SFSX1200, SFSX1440, SFSX1728, SFSX2074, SFSX2488, SFSX2986, SFSX3583, SFTC0800, SFTC0900, SFTC1000, SFTC1095, SFTC1200, SFTC1440, SFTC1728, SFTC2074, SFTC2488, SFTC2986, SFTC3583, SFTI0500, SFTI0600, SFTI0700, SFTI0800, SFTI0900, SFTI1000, SFTI1095, SFTI1200, SFTI1440, SFTI1728, SFTI2074, SFTI2488, SFTI2986, SFTI3583, SFTT0800, SFTT0900, SFTT1000, SFTT1095, SFTT1200, SFTT1440, SFTT1728, SFTT2074, SFTT2488, SFTT2986, SFTT3583, SFUI0500, SFUI0600, SFUI0700, SFUI0800, SFUI0900, SFUI1000, SFUI1095, SFUI1200, SFUI1440, SFUI1728, SFUI2074, SFUI2488, SFUI2986, SFUI3583, SFVI0800, SFVI0900, SFVI1000, SFVI1095, SFVI1200, SFVI1440, SFVI1728, SFVI2074, SFVI2488, SFVI2986, SFVI3583, SFVT0800, SFVT0900, SFVT1000, SFVT1095, SFVT1200, SFVT1440, SFVT1728, SFVT2074, SFVT2488, SFVT2986, SFVT3583, SFXC0500, SFXC0600, SFXC0700, SFXC0800, SFXC0900, SFXC1000, SFXC1095, SFXC1200, SFXC1440, SFXC1728, SFXC2074, SFXC2488, SFXC2986, SFXC358.

CM-Super font package
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