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Typonauten [Ingo Krepinsky]

Ingo Krepinsky (b. 1976, Eschwege) graduated in 2000 from Fachhochschule Hannover, and in 20903 from Hochschule für Künste Bremen, where he specialized in typography. He is a cofounder and type designer at Typonauten, a Bremen-based commercial font foundry started in 1998 (together with Christoph Hanser and Stefan Krömer). MyFonts sells these fonts: Freakshow (2005, grunge), Nautilo Font System (2002, a futuristic font family), Oklahoma (2003, Wild West, handpainted look; the Pro version from 2012 was done with Gunnar Link), Toon Town (2005, a comic book typeface done with Stefan Kroemer), B-Movie Retro (2007 a brush font series with Florian Schick and Stefan Kroemer), B-Movie Splatter (2007, a grunge version of that family).

Newsletter (2007) is an extensive no-frills sans family influenced by fonts like OCR-B and DIN. Newsletter Stencil was published at Volcano Type. Creator (with Gunnar Link and Stefan Kroemer) of Royal Oak Decor (Victorian ornaments), Royal Oak Sans (Edwardian headline sans) and Royal Oak Serif (Western headline face).

Other commercial fonts: Dimitri (Cyrillic simulation), Flarrow, Grebbelinsky (nice dingbats), Killvetica, Litterae Diaboli, Mosaixxs, Nautilo (pixel font), Navtilo (pixel font), R2D2 (futuristic), Sheffield (sans), Singapur (2002, a gambling dingbat font), Oklahoma (2002, Egyptienne), Transarc, Uxmal (unicase with Mexican ornaments), Weimar (Bauhaus style), Estelec (Cyrillic simulation), Trixel (2002, free pixel font), Sport1, Spacelord (2013, sci fi face).

In was waiting for this moment, but in 2015, Typonauten published the free slogan typeface Je Suis Charlie. Other free fonts include the dingbat face BremerSchriftkoffer (2010).

View the typefaces made by Typonauten. Klingspor link. Dafont link. View the Die Typonauten typeface library.

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file name: Ingo Krepinsky Gunnar Link Oklahoma Pro 2012

file name: Die Typonauten Spacelord 2013

file name: Die Typonauten Spacelord Three 2013

file name: Die Typonauten Bremer Schriftkoffer 2010

file name: Florian Schick Ingo Krepinsky Stefan Kroemer B Movie Retro Brush 2007

file name: Gunnar Link Ingo Krepinsky Stefan Kroemer Royal Oak Sans 2009

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